Law of the Devil Chapter 340 Part 2

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“Why don’t I know?” The Minister of Finance slumped his neck: “You say that the garrison is useless! Then why do you spend so much money on it every year! Remove them; I will naturally have money for your main battle army! Damn … don’t you know how tight the empire’s finances are now! ”

After all, Camisilo had some friendship with Du Wei. When he saw Dewey coming in, he gently pulled him, smiling kindly and whispering: “Don’t be surprised, this kind of scene is quite common… The two big brothers have been arguing for a lifetime … We have long been used to it. ”

The Regent took a look at Du Wei and the corner of his pursed mouth finally loosened a bit. He stared at Du Wei and coughed. With this cough, the two old guys in the quarrel quickly closed their mouths and took a step back.

“Du Wei, you are finally here.” The Regent Wang smiled like a spring breeze. “Come here, this is the first time you are participating in such meeting. Sit down; I want to hear what have to say. ”

After speaking, he yelled, “Bring a chair for Duke of Tulip.”

As soon as he said this, everyone couldn’t help it!

In this room, there are many empty spaces on both sides. So after regent spoke, four servants came in immediately along with a very beautiful and luxurious chair but when they were about to put it down…

The Regent smiled and said: “Move closer to me.”

The four servants tried to move the chair up a bit.

“Get closer! What are you doing so far away?”

The regent seemed a little dissatisfied.

The four servants immediately realized their mistake and hurriedly tried to move the chair up. Finally, the regent smiled with satisfaction: “Well, here it is. Du Wei, sit down and listen to this with me.”

Then, he pointed to the chair…

The audience became silent!

Because the position of this chair…

Although Du Wei was the duke and the lord of a province in the northwest, from his seniority and age, he definitely did not rank high among the people in this room.

But the position of this chair…

Rob Scher, the current prime minister of the empire, was sitting in the first position on the left. Just now, at the request of the Regent, Du Wei’s chair was moved in front of the old prime minister!

Bottom left first position!

According to the tradition of the empire … this was the seat of prime minister?!

In the face of the Regent’s smile, Du Wei could not help but feel a little uneasy. He smiled bitterly in his heart and looked at the chair as if a nail was standing on the chair at the moment.

Then, under the attention of everyone, Du Wei took a deep breath and walked daringly, and then sat down slowly as if he was carrying thousands kilos of weight.

And at this moment, Rob Scher, the old prime minister sitting next to Du Wei narrowed his eyes. He looked carefully at Du Wei and a ray of light flashed in his murky old eyes. That peculiar colour disappeared immediately and his eyes narrowed again.

Everyone looked at Du Wei and then at the Regent. Regent Chen smiled slightly and said: “I think everyone has been talking for a long time and should be tired. Now, let’s listen to the words of Duke of Tulip!”

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