Law of the Devil Chapter 340 Part 1

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After a day’s journey, Du Wei quietly returned to the capital and did not cause much reaction.

After all, nobody knew about Du Wei being capture by White River, not even Du Wei’s guards at the Duke’s House. Only people who went with Du Wei knew about it.

Therefore, Du Wei returned quietly to the Duke’s Mansion and his guards only thought that the Duke had returned from the private affairs.

However, someone reported that in the early morning, someone came from the palace and passed the order of the regent which required the Duke to go to the palace immediately.

Du Wei nodded.

It seemed that the news brought by General Andrea had been reported to the palace. Du Wei did not delay along the way except that he arrived at the Imperial City one day later than General Andrea.

Du Wei quickly changed his clothes and immediately went to see the Regent in the palace.

When he saw Emperor Chen this time, he was not in leisure as in the garden last time. Du Wei was directly taken by battler into a very solemnly furnished hall.

When he walked in, he saw two familiar faces. One was the imperial finance minister. Du Wei almost got engaged to the finance minister’s granddaughter, but he was later changed with his brother Gabri.

The other one was the Marquis Rob Scher, the current prime minister of the empire who had been “sick” at home for half a year since the imperial capital coup.

In addition, there were several military commanders present.

When Du Wei came in, he found that the atmosphere was extremely tense.

“Expansion and expansion! You guys in the army are thinking about expanding the army all day! But expansion need money!” the Finance Minister shouted angrily: “The Empire has a million local defence forces. Are those military forces can’t use it! Does the Ministry of Finance have tens of millions of gold coins in the military budget every year? Can’t those local forces be used? In this case, it would be better to abolish those local defence forces first! For military expansion, we at least million gold coins! Hughes, do you know what a million gold coins signify? It is a province’s income for one year! One million? Now the Ministry of Finance does not have it! This year, the southern snow disaster has already cost two million! And the southern snow disaster has affected the income of several provinces! Loss now has not been fully estimated! Now you have to expand the army again! You have to use troops to directly organize those local defence forces!”

Military General Hughes also replied in fierce tone: “Nonsense! What I want is the main battle army! What is the use of the garrison in those places! Don’t you know what the situation in the north now is! You …”

“Why don’t I know?” The Minister of Finance slumped his neck: “You say that the garrison is useless! Then why do you spend so much money on it every year! Remove them; I will naturally have money for your main battle army! Damn … don’t you know how tight the empire’s finances are now! ”

After all, Camisilo had some friendship with Du Wei. When he saw Dewey coming in, he gently pulled him, smiling kindly and whispering: “Don’t be surprised, this kind of scene is quite common… The two big brothers have been arguing for a lifetime … We have long been used to it. “

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