Law of the Devil Chapter 339 Part 2

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Du Wei couldn’t help but feel moved.

Coming here from the north, more than a few thousand miles?

Three days and nights, sleepless! These guys can really be called iron men.

“Today I saw that the brothers seemed to be unable to support themselves so I ordered to enter this small town to eat something. Otherwise, everyone have to continue to carry dry food on horseback.” When General Andrea said to this point, Du Wei noticed that, as the matter of fact, all the cavalry he accompanied looked thin. Although they were still in defensive stance, fatigue couldn’t be masked.

Du Wei asked, “I am worried about the North … Those beasts suddenly migrated on a large scale …” Du Wei used the word “Migration” instead of “Invasion” because it was really difficult to judge whether these things were caused by natural migration after the earthquake or by some force.

“Besides, are there any other movements or anomalies in the frozen forest?”

General Andrea shook his head: “Sorry, Lord Duke, I don’t know any of this. When I set off, General Rostock had organized two death squads and sent them into the frozen forest to explore. But because I set off immediately, so I don’t know if they found out any news. But I think… ”


“I think mercenaries and adventures teams go in and out of the Frozen Forest all year round. There are also some magicians who will enter the Frozen Forest to find the beasts they need. Maybe in those days, someone noticed something… Before I left; I had already suggested about it to General Rostock. ”

Du Wei nodded: “This is a good idea.”

Then he glanced at General Andrea: “Well, I think you are already very tired, I think you might as well take your warriors to rest here tonight. After all …”

Andrea immediately shook his head: “No! Lord Duke, thank you for your kindness. Before I set off, General Rostock made a decree that I must arrive at the capital in five days. The official document I carry with me has the order and time limit signed by him personally. That decree must be signed by command in chief and confirmed by the military ministry before completing the task. Otherwise, if we do not arrive within the time limit, we will be guilty of violating military law!! Moreover, it’s urgent and can’t be delayed. Although I’m exhausted, the dead brothers are watching me! If I delay time, I will be condemned! ”

Du Wei admired General Andrea more and more. After sighing, he took out found out two bottles from his space ring and passed them to General Andrea before saying, “I believe you also know that I am also a magician. This is a magic potion I prepared to treat injuries and it can help people recover quickly. Please accept my gift. Drinking it can also relieve some fatigue of your subordinates. ”

After a pause, Du Wei said to Rodriguez again, “Go to those cavalry who guard us and let them give away the twenty best horses to General Andrea and his men. General Andrea and soldiers’ horses have travelled so far, I am afraid that they cannot maintain full speed.”

General Andrea was immediately grateful. He kept the two magic potions of Du Wei and took a deep breath: “Lord Duke, thank you for your kindness! I also ask you not to forget your promise and go back to imperial capital to meet regent…”

“I will do my best!” Du Wei solemnly swears.

Du Wei asked for a horse. How could the cavalryman dare to refuse, he picked out twenty best horses and gave them to Andrea and his men. Then General Andrea and his men nodded to Du Wei. Without saying much, he sighed and took his twenty horses and went south like the wind.

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