Law of the Devil Chapter 339 Part 1

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The military order was like a mountain. That night, I accompanied General Rostock in the general camp, but after a while, a commander ran to report the situation, saying that many people died and the situation is critical and requested reinforcements…

Next morning, when I was about to take my guard to the battlefield, General Rostock said to go to reinforce the fortress.

I went to the frontlines. We saw battlefield filled with corpses of our comrades. We met many beasts and fought my battles in the south. My soldiers under my command lost their lives.

“The battle continued for two days. After two day, beasts finally retreated and gave us breather. After that General decided to send to ask for reinforcement from Imperial Headquarters.”

With that said, Andre, the brave general suddenly smiled bitterly: “I actually survived that battle and now I think of it, I am quite lucky!”

“To deal with these beasts, we need more and stronger power! Its better … it’s better to have a magician! Only magicians can deal with this kind of Warcraft!”

When Du Wei heard this, it became quite.

Faint fear began to envelop his heart!

North … frozen forest!

Why do those beasts suddenly go south? Or swarm south? Is it just the earthquake (which led to avalanche) that shocked these things that led to mass migration?


Anyway, what happened to the Dragons?

At the moment, Du Wei was most concerned about the exiled races in the north. Had they defeated the dragon territory?

If yes … then was exactly what the Pope said “a crisis never encountered in a thousand years!”

It also seemed to in line with what the Pope said!

Du Wei worked hard to calm down the confusion in his heart and his voice was a bit dry: “General Andrea, please allow me to pay tribute to the heroes of your regiment generals! You are true Imperial soldiers! You have defended your honour and Duty! Defend the people of the Empire! I will inform the Regent truthfully about everything I heard today. At the same time, I will do my best to convince him and give more support to the North! This is my promise!”

After talking, Du Wei stood up and bowed to the general deeply. Andrea quickly got up to pay his respects and after getting Du Wei’s promise, he seemed to be little excited.

Rodriguez next stood up and gave a solemn knight bow to Andrea.

“So, after beasts retreated. You hurried to the south immediately?”

“Three days and three nights without sleeps.” General Andrea smiled bitterly: “When we set off, each of us brought two extra horses, all of which were the best horses we picked! Half of them were already dead and some unsustainable horses were handed over to the local garrison officers on the road. ”

Du Wei couldn’t help but feel moved.

Coming here from the north, more than a few thousand miles?

Three days and nights, sleepless! These guys can really be called iron men.

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