Law of the Devil Chapter 338 Part 2

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Andrea pointed at an arc in the drawing: “Look at this, this is the border line at the southern end of the frozen forest. Speaking of it, although our storm group has 200,000 male soldiers but this damn forest is really too big! The border line at the southern end is as long as a province! Although we have 200,000 troops, it’s very difficult to station them to cover whole border. In fact, for many years, we have adopted the strategy of focusing on garrison and sending more patrols and cruises. This is barely met the requirements. ”

He casually drew a few small circles under the arc that symbolized the southern border of the frozen forest: “Our army is stationed in several places according to the division, close to the southern end of the forest. At the same time, with the cavalry squad as a unit, they patrolled back and forth every day and night according to the set route. The soldiers worked hard. Fortunately, there have been no major disturbances in these years. There is one point, other legions are different. Our Stormwind Legion does not have a main camp! There is always lack of soldiers. Even General Rostock’s regiment only have 20,000 people which are stationed in a place slightly south. This is not a secret for a long time so it’s okay to tell you.”

“The earthquake six days ago was really scary. As I came to the south, I also asked people along the way. It seems that the situation here is okay, but in the northern frozen forest, it’s different! There is major avalanche! Unfortunately, our two cavalry battalions were stationed in a valley. As a result of the avalanche, they were buried alive below the snow…”

After saying that, Andrea’s eyes turned red and his tone choked.

After all, he was a soldier in nature so took a deep breath and calmed him and continued to draw a few south-facing lines in the arc.

“No one in the army or general has experienced this kind of thing. For a time, everyone was frightened even if they were generals. Although everyone calmed down, their hearts were still uneasy after all. Sure enough, in the afternoon, the disaster happened!

I don’t know where it started first. Anyway, a large number of beasts attacked simultaneous from the six directions!

Although I have been in the North for many my whole life, I have never seen so many beasts!

Most of beasts have some intelligence even if it is low-levelled one. If a head of beasts meets our patrol team, they often know when to attack and when to retreat. Unless they meet some powerful, our soldiers will be killed.

Moreover there were a large number of beasts, not one, not two, not tens or hundreds, but thousands!

Moreover, even if we are training hard, most soldiers are just ordinary people! They do not have magic items; they only use knives, bows and spears!

After that soldiers retreated in the military fortresses. Later, we decided to use the fortress walls to defend. The soldiers stood on them and shoot arrows…

But those beasts did not stop and became more brazen!

The soldiers were already fighting for their lives! But those things are too much! Later, there were even some brothers who choose decisive death. They organized the cavalry to fight back with those beasts and set fire all the way, trying to scare them away. This fire trick is very useful previously. But this time, it didn’t work.

Just that afternoon, we lost tens of thousands of people! The two big camps on the west were breached and those beasts crossed our line of defence and went south!

Afterwards, General Rostock was furious. He immediately mobilized the cavalry from behind to hunt and at the same time issued a death order to keep attacking until all the beasts are dead. Unless the last person was killed in the battle, soldiers must not take a step back!

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