Law of the Devil Chapter 338 Part 1

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“You want to reinforcements for the Stormwind army, but we also have to reinforce the army in the Northwest! Whom to help first?

Rodriguez’s last question made the Andrea speechless.

When Dewey heard this, he couldn’t help but admire Rodriguez. This Rodriguez seemed to not only have great martial arts skills but also deep insight!

“So, this call for reinforcements …” Andrea became anxious.

“As I said, you have not been to the imperial capital and you don’t know what the emperor is all about. The Duke of Tulips is the most trusted minister of the current regent and only he can influence the decision of the regent! Some word of politeness, even if the Prime Minister today says ten words, it may not be equal to one word of our Lord Duke. You have to go to the emperor to ask for reinforcement. You might as well talk to the Lord Duke first to see if he can help you. What’s more, this is not considered as leak of military secrets. As long as the Duke returns to the Imperial City and you inform this matter to emperor. Within a day, the Regent will tell the Duke about it.”

Andrea weighed it in his mind. In the end, this was indeed not a very confidential military secret. Anyway, when he arrived in the capital, the news would always spread.

Secondly, this Duke of Tulips has been extremely powerful in the past two years. He had heard his reputation when he was in the north. Many people even believed that the young Duke who is under the age of 25, can become the youngest prime minister in the history of the empire! (The current Prime Minister is the old man of Augustine VI. Although the regent did not remove him, everyone knows that he has no real power.)

If such a great man talks for about this issue personally, maybe this time…

General Andre sighed with his eyes full of anxiety. He finally patted the table and said: “Send a few brothers to guard around, do not let idle people approach. I want no one here!”

Immediately, ten cavalrymen stood up and pushed the owner and waiters out of the hotel. They the checked the entire lobby and guarded the entrances.

After all this was done, General Andrea gritted his teeth: “Lord Duke, six days ago you should have also felt the abnormal movement of the earth’s oscillation?”

Six days ago, Du Wei calculated the days. It was the day when White River and the Pope faced each other!

Then Andrea dipped his fingers in water and drew a pattern on the table…

The water was dripping on the table and it seemed that General Andrea was not good at drawing. Fortunately, although the painting was rough, the meaning was clear.

Andrea pointed at an arc in the drawing: “Look at this, this is the border line at the southern end of the frozen forest. Speaking of it, although our storm group has 200,000 male soldiers but this damn forest is really too big! The border line at the southern end is as long as a province! Although we have 200,000 troops, it’s very difficult to station them to cover whole border. In fact, for many years, we have adopted the strategy of focusing on garrison and sending more patrols and cruises. This is barely met the requirements. “

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