Law of the Devil Chapter 337 Part 2

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As soon as Andrea looked back, he saw Rodriguez standing behind him, his face changed. The cavalry around him also looked surprised. It turned out that Rodriguez came behind him silently and no one noticed it.

Andrea took a deep breath and slowly said, “It turned out to be Silver Sword Master! Lord Rodrigues, have you joined the His Majesty Duke of Tulips?”

Du Wei stunned: “Silver Sword Master?”

Rodriguez smiled bitterly: “This weird nickname. I don’t know who made it for me.”

It turned out that when Rodriguez killed the chief warrior of the court with the strength of the Holy Order, Rodriguez’s fame spread to the mainland already.

Rodriguez stood next to Du Wei and said with a smile, “General Andrea. It’s been a long time. You’re a lot more tired than when you last met.” After a pause, he smiled again: “But your practice paid off. When you met last time, were you a sixth-level knight?”

At this moment General Andrea’s chest knight badge had become level-seven.

Andrea said suddenly: “I make a breakthrough with the guidance of your Silver Sword Master.”

At this point, the two seemed to recognize each other.

Du Wei glanced at Rodriguez and Rodriguez smiled: “Master Duke, do you remember that I went to the northern frozen forest after that coup? At that time, before I entered the forest alone, I coincidentally encountered the patrol cavalry of the Stormwind Legion. Its leader was actually Andrea. General Andrea wanted to stop me from entering the forest, but I didn’t listen…”

Andrea snorted angrily: “You don’t have to say it so politely. It was me who tried to stop you at first but it turned out that I am not your opponent. You were defeated a few times. You are a Holy Order martial artist someone invincible on continent. I was a small sixth-level knight but there were hundreds of cavalry around me but I still can’t stop you. You’re kind and haven’t hurt anyone.”

Rodriguez replied, “Speaking of which, I still sincerely respect the soldiers of the Stormwind Corps. The soldiers in the Stormwind Corps are really strong. Let me tell you…”

He glanced at Du Wei and Du Wei immediately nodded.

Rodriguez looked calm and continued: “General Andrea, you haven’t been to imperial capital and you don’t know what the empire is like. I’m not going to ask you what’s going wrong in the north. Do you think that asking for reinforcements is simple? Probably you don’t know, it is extremely difficult to ask the Imperial Headquarters to send troops in the current situation of the Empire!”

Andrea stared: “But the situation in the north…!”

Rodriguez interrupted him and said, “I agree that there is something wrong in the north but is there peace in other places? Let’s take northwest as example! You know what happened in the northwest last year, right? When the prairie people invaded, 20,000 cavalry besieged the city of Gilyat and fought a great battle! To be honest, we suffered some losses in the province of Desa. But what happened later? Only peace talks! ”

Andrea nodded: “I know this, it’s written in the military’s month newspaper.”

Rodriguez smiled: “But, it said that the Northwest Army repelled the prairie, right? Well, although you are not in the capital, what is the situation of the Northwest Army, don’t you know?

When Andrea heard this, his expression changed. A sudden look of realization flash in his eyes.

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