Law of the Devil Chapter 337 Part 1

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After hearing this, Du Wei’s heart trembled!


The Roland Empire had 200,000 soldiers in the north! The Stormwind Corps ranks among the four main army of the Empire. Whether it was about equipment’s or combat effectiveness, they were all outstanding among the Empire’s army! The 200,000 soldiers were placed at the southern end of the frozen forest. Not only it was to prevent beasts in the forest but also to prevent smuggling into the forest … In fact, there was another important role that was to train troops!

Only in that difficult environment could strong soldiers be trained.

Du Wei had been to Stormwind Legion. When he was first brought into the frozen forest by Gandalf Baipao, he had been in the sentry outside the forest and saw with his own eyes the soldiers of the Stormwind Legion training with their upper body naked in cold water.

That kind of scene had left a deep impression on Du Wei.

With such a strong warrior, the combat effectiveness of the Storm Legion is evident! And on the way south of the Frozen Forest, this General Andre led his cavalry to find himself, and the mighty lineup was indeed called the first-class empire of the Empire!

Such a powerful Storm Corps… actually …

Have to ask for reinforcements?

“What is in the north that can’t be suppressed by Stormwind Legion?” Du Wei asked. “Is it … the frozen forest…”

General Andrea’s face changed and he shook his head as he said, “Master Duke, I’m sorry, I have no right to tell you these things. I have to go to the Imperial City to report directly to the commander in chief and if possible to face the Royal Highness…”

Du Wei was anxious in his heart but he smiled. He took the kettle on the table unhurriedly and poured a glass of water for General Andrea. He laughed: “General Andrea. Of course I understand military discipline. After all, I have born in the Rollin family. Rest assured, I won’t force you but … this matter is important not just for your Stormwind Corps but for empire also. I am also going back to the Imperial City. I think I can be of some help to you. ”

Andrea was about to say something but he heard a gentle voice from the back, “General Andrea, Lord Duke of ours has absolutely no intention of spying on the military secrets. Besides, with our Lord Duke’s current status, regent will inevitably ask the Lord Duke to discuss it. After all, you are in the foreign place and don’t know much about the environment of the Imperial City. There are certain things that you can’t expect them to be done efficiently but if the Lord Duke helps things will be a lot easier. ”

As soon as Andrea looked back, he saw Rodriguez standing behind him, his face changed. The cavalry around him also looked surprised. It turned out that Rodriguez came behind him silently and no one noticed it.

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