Law of the Devil Chapter 336 Part 2

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What he said was very loud and when the garrison next to him heard it, many people showed disapproval expressions. But other party was a general, everyone was afraid to speak. The lobby was quiet.

After a while, the leader of the garrison team barely sorted out their thoughts. He coughed twice and came to salute honestly. The general glanced at him and saw that the officer was flushed with red eyes and his eyes became even colder but he ignored it.

“Master, we are in the xx city xx garrison. I am the second-level captain of the team leader. It is our pleasure to meet an Empire’s General here!”

Then the general sneered: “You are still soldiers? If you was in my squad, all your heads would have been cut off! Disappear from my eyes! I have to worry about other things and I am too lazy to care about you, otherwise … Humph.”

The officer was stunned and quickly pleaded guilty but the soldiers of the garrison were all unhappy. Of course, because they couldn’t drink wine. Half of them ran out of the lobby dimly and there were some unwilling people. They took the wine jug and left. They seemed to have gone to the room to continue drinking.

After the hall was quiet, the general sighed softly: “So quality of these garrison … Well, how can we fight when we are in danger!”

The cavalry next to him seemed to be his cronies so whispered to comfort: “Generals, Imperial army is still good and the Imperial Navy …”

“Navy!” The general said with a bitter smile: “No matter how powerful the warships are, can they fight on land! This time … oh, let’s not talk. Everyone sits down and eats. After we finished eating we will depart!” ”

Only after he gave an order, the cavalrymen standing around him dared to sit down. Everyone was sitting still. After the food was delivered, some people inspected it then everyone ate up one by one, but no one said a word.

After a while, after eating and drinking, the general stood up and was about to leave but suddenly he heard a laugh above him.

“Ah … if I remember correctly, this is General Andrea of ​​the Stormwind Corps!”

Later, he saw a teenager in a Chinese suit walking down the stairs. When General Andrea heard this, he immediately turned around and looked deeply.

This boy was naturally Du Wei. Du Wei laughed and said: “General Andrea, have you forgotten? I am Du Wei, the originally Du Wei Rollin but now Du Wei Rudolph. When I left the frozen forest, you and Mage Clark brought someone to me. We were talked a few days together.”

General Andrea thought for a moment and immediately remembered then hurried up two steps and gave a military salute: “It is the Lord Duke of Tulips! Andrea the Stormwind has seen the Duke of Tulip!”

Du Wei stepped down and came to Andrea’s table and pulled him to sit down. Andrea hesitated but finally decided to sit down with patience.

“General Andrea, you are not in the north, why are you here? I remember the Imperial Army Law. Soldiers must not leave their garrison without permission. Is there anything urgent for you to go south this time?

When Du Wei asked, the general Andrea wore a heavy face. He hesitated and whispered: “Master Duke, I will not hide from you … there is indeed a mess in the north. At the command of General Rostock, I went back to the Imperial capital to report to the military headquarters and…”

He smiled bitterly: “At the same time, I also met His Royal Highness and asked for… reinforcements!”

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