Law of the Devil Chapter 336 Part 1

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In the lobby of the hotel, he saw more than twenty horses parked outside the door. Horses were wearing bright hard armour and leather robes. Short crossbow only which was only equipped by the main battle army was hung on them. Each cavalryman was wearing with a gray cloak.

A strong and majestic voice resounded, “Everyone dismounts and organizes the equipment. We will eat here! Everyone must keep their swords and bows! In addition … leave three people to take care of the war horses and not leave the horses alone!”

After speaking, the man jumped off and the twenty cavalry behind him also dismounted. These people acted neatly. Even when they came into the lobby, the sound of that rustling leather boots seemed so energetic!

The rear cavalry coldly rejected the hotel waiter’s move to pull the horse. Three people separated from the group and took the horse and let the waiter lead the way to the stable.

“During the march, military horses must not be taken care of by idle people! This is a military rule! Horses be must be fed by our hands!”

After that, head of the group entered the lobby, he was wearing silver armour. He had already extremely burly and majestic body. Unlike the men behind him, his cloak was bright red.

The man strode in and saw such the drunkards inside. His eyes could not help but show a deep sense of contempt even a hint of anger. He was about to say something but he gritted his teeth and sneered. Ignoring the drunken guys inside, he went straight to the corner and sat down. The dozen cavalrymen behind him maintained vigilance even in the walking position. When they came to the leader, he faintly formed a defensive position.

The drunken garrisons next to them saw these dozens of people coming in and immediately calmed down. Although they drank a lot of wine, after all, the Imperial military costume could still be seen!

They saw the leader wearing a red cape in the middle of a dozen men and he looked like he was about thirty or forty years old. His face was resolute even though he was slightly tired at the moment. It doesn’t diminish its might. And … on his chest, the badge he wore on clearly showed his identity. He was a genuine general!

Moreover, those cavalry in gray cape… proved that these people were one of the empire’s main battle corps, stationed at the southern end of the frozen forest in the north!

The owner of this hotel was also a clever man and hurried up but he was stopped by the cavalrymen. He didn’t dare to approach and only respectfully asked: “Dear guests, what do you need?”

“Food and clear water! Be clean and quick. We have to hurry.”

The boss laughed again, “Sir, we have some famous local wines here, do you want to …”

The general’s eyes suddenly glared and he snorted heavily. The boss’s legs softened and he almost sat down. He heard the general’s sneer: “Drinking alcohol on the march is a crime!”

What he said was very loud and when the garrison next to him heard it, many people showed disapproval expressions. But other party was a general, everyone was afraid to speak. The lobby was quiet.

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