Law of the Devil Chapter 335 Part 2

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Du Wei couldn’t help sighing as he watched these lazy guards.

He had seen the elite Northwest Army under the command of Lu Gao in the northwest. They were well-trained, disciplined and hard working. They were real elites!

Not to mention the cavalry of the steppe, their combat effectiveness was amazing. Coupled with the excellent horsemanship and their high defense of the prairie people, it was the world’s strongest cavalry!

But the quality of garrison in the Empire…

They had traveled for two days. But this group of old soldiers were already exhausted. Their backs were sore and were yawning. If it was not due to military orders, they would have most likely left long ago.

These junk-like soldiers should have been kicked out of the garrison long ago if they were under the command of Northwest army.

The Imperial Army conducted spring exercises every year, it was just a good tradition that had been maintained for thousands of years. Although it had wasted a lot of military expenditures, it was intended to maintain army’s combat power. In some places, spring exercise had become perfunctory. After all, the system was dead and people were alive.

Moreover, even if spring exercises could be strictly performed, it happened only once a year. The combat effectiveness of the army could not be maintained by just once a year spring exercises.

The largest hotel in this small town was naturally booked up by Du Wei’s party. One hundred cavalrymen did not wait for Du Wei to order, they entered in the hotel like a master. It gave huge freight to hotel owner. He hurriedly brought tea and water.

One after another soldiers unloaded their armor. Seeing their action, Rodriguez shook his head.

Du Wei was too lazy to care about these cavalry guards. Du Wei didn’t even give much thought to food and wine. He just ate something casually. He was tired and had to go to rest. When he left, the cavalry immediately became drink fine wine and eat large chunks of meat.

Rodriguez looked them sneered. The cavalry drank freely during the march. Drunk! If these soldiers were under the Duke of Tulips, they would have long been dragged out and executed! These guys seemed to be accustomed to it. Even the officers in the team turned blind eye to it and began to drink.

Rodriguez was a standard knight and he couldn’t see the scene so he followed Du Wei.

In the evening, Du Wei was in the room. He was holding the badge and thinking in his heart. Then he suddenly heard a horse’s hoof’s sound outside the hotel downstairs!

The sound of the horse’s hoof sounded from far to near, but it sounded extremely neat. Horses were in formation without any chaotic! The horse’s hoof sounds neatly stopped at the door! Obviously these people were extremely good at riding and they control the horses!

“In the empire, there are still troops of this quality?” Du Wei was curious and couldn’t help but push the door and walked out.

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