Law of the Devil Chapter 335 Part 1

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“This is a Holy Knight badge of the temple. Why do you have this kind of thing?” Jojo looked at what Du Wei was holding in his hand and saw Du Wei with a tense expression on her face. The Holy Knight badge was absolutely impossible to be obtained by outsiders! You … you have forged this badge! Do you forge the holy knight badge? No… maybe you stole it! ”

Du Wei smiled bitterly: “This thing is really ‘mine’!”

Jojo didn’t believe him and she said as shook her head, “You can’t lie to me. This Holy Knight badge is stamped with Holy Power and the owner’s name is printed on the back of each badge. Even the magician cannot forge it. If you say that the badge is yours, turn it over and show it to me. ”

Du Wei froze. On the back … Aragon’s name was engraved. Should I show this to this woman?

Du Wei was in distress but Jojo sneered and snatched it. After all, Jojo was also a high level warrior., Du Wei was an ordinary mage. How can she stop her?

Jojo grabbed the badge and turned it over. When she saw the back, she suddenly covered her mouth and exclaimed, “Ah”. Then she looked at Du Wei again with strange look.

Just as Du Wei sighed and wondered how to explain it, Jojo said with a weird look: “Here, this thing is really yours? I can see that the badge doesn’t look like a fake but how could the temple give you this kind of badge? Do you have faith in the temple?”

Du Wei was shocked. He took the badge from Jojo and glanced at the back, his expression couldn’t help but change.

The name on back was no longer “Aragon-Roland”! A brand new name was engraved on the back!

“Du Wei!”

Du Wei opened his mouth and took a deep breath before he smiled reluctantly: “Look, I said it was my thing but you didn’t believe it.”

He quickly put the badge in his arms.

Jojo narrowed her eyes as she said: “I do not doubt that you don’t believe in the temple but you really don’t have much respect for the goddess. Even if everyone in the world believes in God, you won’t be. I know you well. ”

Having said this, Jojo suddenly had a rare and gentle smile on her face, especially when she said “Know You”.

She immediately noticed that she looked different. She coughed quickly and then said in a deep voice: “But you got this Holy Knight badge. Do you want to play with Gods? I just want to remind you that Gods are not easy to mess with. ”

Du Wei laughed twice… this was not easy to explain.

Du Wei and his team moved in the direction of the Imperial City. In the evening they reached a small town. As Du Wei ordered, the team decided to rest here for one night. This move was immediately unanimously supported by the accompanying cavalry.

Du Wei couldn’t help sighing as he watched these lazy guards.

He had seen the elite Northwest Army under the command of Lu Gao in the northwest. They were well-trained, disciplined and hard working. They were real elites!

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