Law of the Devil Chapter 334 Part 2

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Du Wei said with a smile on his face: “Ms. Jojo, if you don’t say it, I’ll forget it. Now I’m really hungry. Tonight let’s rest in a small town. In this cold weather, riding (horse) outside is not good for you; you can come in the carriage.”

Jojo’s face unconsciously turned red but she still responded viciously: “Huh! Do you think I’m the weak girl from Vivian! I’m an ice magician. Does this cold weather make me uncomfortable? It’s just a joke! Anyway didn’t you tell me to go out just now! Huh, now I’m invited in again? Your broken carriage is dull and boring, so I don’t want to go in!”

The smile on Du Wei’s face became more and more kind: “This … it was my fault just now, but you are a lady after all, what is the reason for a lady to ride a horse and a man ride in a carriage? Come in quickly.”

Seeing that Jojo was still holding his chin high, Du Wei suddenly turned his eyes and whispered, “Oh, I suddenly feel dizzy… this feels strange…”

Jojo couldn’t control herself and concerned expression appeared on her face and her anger disappeared without a trace. She said, “Ah! What’s wrong with you? Is your head hurting? Where is it hurting?”

Then, she got off the horse and got into the carriage and yelled at Du Wei, “You’re not well, lie down quickly! You … what’s wrong with you? I don’t think you look well.”

Having said that, she actually took a pillow and then helped Du Wei to lie on his back.

Seeing this “gentle” side of the violent girl, Du Wei’s heart suddenly jumped up!

He was not a fool, let alone an emotional idiot! Seeing Jojo’s appearance at this moment, he suddenly remembered what Semel had just said…

This … this girl, she won’t really like me…

The carriage was bumpy all the way but Du Wei did not feel the slightest pains during the journey.

Just because he had Jojo beside him!

He didn’t know why Miss Jojo’s temperament suddenly changed in the past two days but she was extremely considerate to serve Du Wei along the way. She held the water and poured it into his mouth to feed him. When it was hot, Miss Jojo performed an ice magic to cool down the temperature. When he felt hungry, Jojo immediately ordered someone to bring food. She was also worried that Du Wei was physically weak after injury so she took out a knife to cut the food into small pieces and sent them to his mouth.

Even … even when Du Wei accidentally said that was having headache, Ms. Jojo frowned and after hesitating for a while, she actually got to Du Wei’s side and gave Du Wei head Massage with her slender fingers carefully…

Of course, Jojo had never massaged anyone in her life. This massage method was naturally extremely bad. For Du Wei, there was no such thing as enjoyment. However, looking at Jojo’s concern, how could he dare to criticise her?

If he said something wrong, he would anger this female devil!

He felt more and more uneasy.

This … Jojo, she won’t really…

Before he asked for his stuff, Jojo took out a magical storage ring and handed it to him. It was all the stuff she helped Du Wei collect. After Du Wei glanced over and found the badge, he exhaled a long breath and pinched it carefully.

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