Law of the Devil Chapter 334 Part 1

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At such time, how could the Pope die as a spiritual leader of the human world?

Even if Du Wei did not like him, he couldn’t let him die at this time.

About White River, if he was saved, then with his disposition, he would not forget how he was bullied by Sebasta. After returning, he would definitely avenge himself! In this way, Snow Mountain would definitely find trouble of the Northwest Army which was greatly beneficial to Du Wei.

Therefore, Du Wei’s kindness to White River was not entirely because of emotions.

But Semel didn’t seem to understand it and was angry with Du Wei: “If you want to take risks, it has nothing to do with me! You can play with your own life all you want to but do not forget that my life is linked to your life! Risking your life is same as dragging me down! If you die, I won’t survive! In this way, I really hate you kid! Not only did you almost kill yourself, you almost killed me too! ”

Semel seemed to be getting more and more angry. She suddenly flung her sleeves and said: “Boy, you have offended me greatly this time. For a month, don’t call me out to help you again!”

“Wait ~!” As Semer was about to disappear, Du Wei hurriedly said, “One more thing! I remember that my storage ring was broken by the Sebasta and everything fell out. Where did those things go? I have a lot of treasures in it!”

Semel’s voice sounded in his head: “It was all stored away by the little girl, Jojo. If you want to get them back, go to her.”

After that, Semel said no more, no matter how Du Wei called. No one responded, it seemed that she was really angry this time.

Du Wei shook his head. He was thinking about how to get things from the Jojo. Everything else could be lost but not that badge. It was very important.

However, just now it seemed that he had offended Jojo. Looking for her at this moment would not be end up well. As he was pondering, he heard someone’s knocking on the window and then he heard Jojo’s stubborn voice coming in: “Hey Du Wei! Listen, it’s not me who is looking for you! It’s the guy Rodriguez has me come and ask you, if you are hungry or not. We have to pass a town. Would you like to go in and eat something? ”

With a bang, the window opened and Du Wei’s grinning face protruded from the carriage. Jojo looked at the face that made her hate and nervous. She could not help but her heart speeding up.

This guy is so annoying when he laughs but … what am I nervous about!”

“I … what happened to me? I obviously hate this guy!”

“Yes, it’s annoying! How could he marry my fool sister! Most importantly, he didn’t even tell me!”

“Yes, that’s right! I just hate him!”

Jojo thought so in her heart. Her face could not help but grit her teeth.

Du Wei said with a smile on his face: “Ms. Jojo, if you don’t say it, I’ll forget it. Now I’m really hungry. Tonight let’s rest in a small town. In this cold weather, riding (horse) outside is not good for you; you can come in the carriage.”

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