Law of the Devil Chapter 333 Part 2

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“I knew that he, at that time, was definitely not you. You couldn’t have such ability. And … when he grabbed my neck, I was really scared to the extreme. I don’t have a physical body. I’m just a phantom but he can still catch me easily. He apparently has broken through the law of space which is definitely the strength above the Holy Order! At that moment, I have a feeling that as long as he wants to kill me, I’m done for! Well, at that moment, you are almost like someone else… Well, it’s like you were possessed by ghost! ”

When Du Wei heard it, he smiled unconsciously: “Possessed by ghost? I am really possessed by ghost!”

He knew immediately that the person who got possessed him must be the memory of “Aragon”! When his soul entered the badge and talked with “Du Wei 1”, Aragorn ran out and drove the Sebasta away.

“So, what happened later?”

“Later … Later, after he made Sebasta flee, he told me a few more word. He told to tell you something. After that, he held the long bow and just sat there. It’s over. Well, what he told me to tell you is, “Work hard! Whether you can end it all depends on you.” Well, that’s it. ”

“What about White River and the Pope?”

Semel shook her head and said: “You sat there all night long! Later White River went out of the cave with the old Pope and the two stood by you for a long time. The pope seems to be curious about you. White River checked on you and saw that you were not injured. Then both of them sat by your side all night.”

“At dawn, White River suddenly said to the Pope, ‘You should leave now. I’m afraid that after I have recovered a little strength, you can’t go away if you want to go. Even if you stay here, I won’t let you touch this kid!’ Then the old pope was helpless so he went away. White River was worry so sat beside you again until noon. At that time, Rodriguez and others arrived. White River also seemed to have recovered some strength so he left quietly. With his strength, as long as he recovered a little, he was definitely not someone that Rodriguez could detect. In fact, White River’s departure and Rodriguez’s arrival were just one after the other. ”

Speaking of which, Semel’s tone seemed strange: “The old Pope seemed to have some bad feelings for you. But because White River was there, he couldn’t do anything.”

Du Wei knew that White River left safely. He didn’t know what had happened with White River so he was relieved now.

After speaking, Semel suddenly got a little annoyed: “Speaking of it, you really asked for this! Whether White River and the Pope die or not what it has to do with you. Are they your relatives or friends? At that time, you could have just fled but you just didn’t go! Hmm … As a result, you almost drove yourself to a dead end! You are so smart. How come are you so stupid regarding this matter? ”

Du Wei shook his head: “You don’t understand. Although I also hate the pope but he can’t die for now. The Pope and White River talked vaguely about something I don’t understand (regarding north)… In addition the pope said that the barrier was broken and a disaster is about strike! If… if…”

He suddenly remembered the corpses that he saw under the mountain when he went to the Dragon God Mountain. The orcs who looked very different from humans! If he was really from those exiled races… He was afraid that it was really a crisis that human beings had never encountered in a thousand years!

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