Law of the Devil Chapter 333 Part 1

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After closing the carriage door, Du Wei took off his shirt and looked down. His chest did not have any scars. Then he pondered for a while and then summoned Semel.

The voice of Semel was heard in his ear: “Are you finally awake? Hey, these two days has been hard for the girl named Jojo. You really shouldn’t drive people out that way just now. Go out. You’re hurting a girl.”

Du Wei replied, “What are you talking about? I told her to go out for the convenience of talking to you! Tell me, what happened after I passed out that day?”

But Semel did not answer but instead said: “The girl named Jojo … she seems to like you very much, right?”

Du Wei suddenly felt that his whole body was overwhelmed: “What are you talking about! She … she is like a female dinosaur, would she still like a man? Even if she is interested in me, I am afraid that she wants to make me into a soul crystal or something like that… The two of us are completely opposite. Don’t make such a joke!”

“Hum.” Semel smiled as she said: “Is it? Am I wrong? But when you are not awake, the girl is sitting next to you with a tense expression. That expression was not like she was thinking about refining you into soul crystals.”

Du Wei still shook his head. He never thought that Jojo that violent girl would have interest or affection for him. She was mostly likely disgusted with him.

Semel’s tone suddenly changed: “Is that girl old apprentice of Gandorf? I don’t have a good opinion of Gandolf. I just hate this guy and I always feel that he has some relation with me. Not to mention … Hum, this old guy took in a girl who looks like me as an apprentice… I’m afraid he doesn’t have any good intentions! If you don’t like this girl, then it’s better! I’ve always wanted to make myself a body so as not to be like a ghost-like existence. Since you don’t like her, let me kill this girl and… ”

Having said that, the tone couldn’t help but rise up…

Du Wei was startled and quickly shook his head: “No, no! You are becoming more and more absurd! This is absolutely not possible! Jojo is Vivian’s sister. You must not have any her idea about her!”

Semel smirked and sat in front of Du Wei with her pair of white legs crossed. She looked at Du Wei with a grin: “Look, I just said a few words and you become this nervous. Well, you don’t have to refute, I don’t say that.”

After a pause, her face became serious: “What happened that day, speaking about it made me scared! That thing is really weird, you … you …”

Subsequently, Semel described how he woke up when he was about to die that day and used his powerful strength to easily beat Sebasta and made him flee for his life.

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