Law of the Devil Chapter 332 Part 2

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“I saw the cave, but there was nothing in the cave, there was only some blood on the ground.”

Du Wei nodded: “There was on the ground … But where did White River go?”

That guy left by himself?

Or was White River taken away by the Pope?

No, no … The Pope’s injury was more severe than White River’s injuries unless a holy knight came to help. But if the Holy Knight came to help, then Pope would have killed me, how could he leave me there?

So to speak, the two old guys both left after finding themselves out of danger?

“The mess in the woods obviously indicated that a very fierce battle happened. Especially in the west … almost half of the forest was completely destroyed by some very powerful force! There are dozens of trees broken. It seems that something bumped into them. There was long mark left on the ground. Those who can exert such power must not be ordinary experts. However, although I can’t figure it out, I was able to retrieve you safely, which is my greatest luck. ”

After Du Wei heard, he was silent. After a while, he suddenly patted his head: “Oh, I’m so stupid! Of course you don’t know anything!”

After that he thought of Semel. What happened that day, Semel must know.

Du Wei then returned to the compartment and smiled strangely at Jojo: “This … Joanna, can you go out first? I want to take off my clothes and look at the injuries.”

Jojo rolled her eyes and said, “Hum, do you think I am willing to sit with you? Rodriguez begged me to take care of you. If you conscious, I would not bother to sit next to you! Huh! This place is small. Sitting with you, a half-dead guy, was very upsetting! Now that you are awake, I can’t wait to go out to ride the horse to show how happy I am!”

Seeing Jojo suddenly getting angry, Du Wei was shocked. He wonder why Miss Jo suddenly became so angry.

But as soon as he gave it some thought, he immediately understood a few points and quickly said sincerely: “Ah, I am wrong! Jojo, you have taken care of me for so long, I haven’t said thank you to you yet. I just woke up and told you to go out. It’s really my fault! Thank you for taking care of me… Also, I don’t dislike you staying in the carriage, I just want to take off my clothes, it will not be convenient if you are by my side. ”

Jojo’s anger quenched somewhat but her tone was still unpleasant: “Huh! Who wants you to thank me! I just saw you half-dead and was worried if you died my poor fool sister would become widow. As for the injuries on your body … Huh, there is nothing wrong about it! I don’t know if you got luck! Whole forest was in messy but you’re not hurt at all! The Rodriguez has thoroughly examined you and you haven’t even lost a strand of hair! ”

After that, she kicked open the door of the carriage and jumped out. There was a soldier right next to her. When Jojo came out, he came to her and asked in flattering tone: “Miss, what do want?”

“Give me your horse!”

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