Law of the Devil Chapter 332 Part 1

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Joanna Yang — Jojo Yang

“What Semel?” The surprise on that face instantly turned into a deep loss and then into anger: “Hum! What woman will you see when you wake up! Semel? Who is that woman! See, I’m Jojo! You asshole, you are engaged to my sister but you are thinking of another woman.”

With this series of fury, Du Wei looked at her quietly and warmth spread into his heart.

Yes, it’s Joanna, its Jojo.

(T/L: Can’t understand what author meant!)

Although this girl had fiery temper, Du Wei’s dry seemed to have injected with warmth!

He finally smiled then rested his eyes on Jojo and replied, “Well, yes, you are Jojo, my little aunt… haha. And I …”

He sat upright and stretched himself lazily: “I’m Du Wei! I am not 1234 … I’m Du Wei!”

Jojo looked at him and couldn’t help frowning: “Did he become a fool after two days of fainting? What does one, two, three, four … mean?”

After sitting up, Du Wei felt extremely light. The original injuries on his chest had disappeared.

And after glancing at Jojo, he immediately asked: “Am I saved by you? Then … white … and …”

Jojo glanced at Du Wei and was about to speak. Suddenly he heard someone knocking on the window outside the carriage and Rodriguez’s voice came: “Is the Duke awake?”

Du Wei opened the window and felt the sun outside shining brightly on his face. Rodriguez was riding on a white horse, wearing light armour, looking at himself with a smile. Du Wei looked back. Behind the carriage, there were hundreds of cavalry guards.

“Knight Rodrigues, did you save me? Then I am with …”

Rodriguez smiled and then whispered: “Master Duke, do you mean the Witch King? He … After leaving the hotel in the town that day, I immediately took Miss Jojo with the guards. We decided to send some soldiers to Northwest Loulan City to ask Hussein and your teacher to come together. To be honest, that His Majesty the Witch King is too powerful. I am by no means his opponent so my idea is to make every effort to delay Witch King’s speed as much as possible to win the time for reinforcements. But that day…”

After a pause, Rodriguez sighed: “I was looking for you all the way, but I felt strange movements. Others don’t know but I can feel that Holy Order strongmen had caused it. I immediately took Miss Jojo to rush with me. Unfortunately, I was a step too late. We only found bodies of three divine knights nothing else. Later we saw footprints on the ground. We chased all the way and finally found the woods. When we entered the woods, we saw you sitting alone there, your long bow in your hand.”

“So, what about White River?” Du Wei immediately asked: “And… what about the Pope?”

“The Pope?” Rodriguez’s face changed. “The Pope? Did you see the Pope?”

Du Wei shook his head: “This matter will be explained later. Tell me first; when you found me that day, what was the situation?”

“I saw you sitting there alone, originally I was surprised. I also looked around and found no other people. It seems that Mr. White River has left.”

Du Wei frowned: “In the woods, you found me, there should be a cave in the back.”

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  1. Joanna Yang, she’s sister of Vivian Yang, both of them are Gandalf disciples. Vivian is Du Wei fiancee.
    There’s wiki and characters name in previous translator, maybe this will help you in translating character name.
    Thanks for the chapter.

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