Law of the Devil Chapter 331 Part 2

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“And what?” Du Wei asked in a deep voice.

“And … even if you don’t want to do it … but the goddess of light, will she let you go? That bitch is not only God! There are other Gods in this world! Did you forget the old Chris on Alcatraz Island? Forget the demons? And the exiled races in the north, the Gods they believe in! Where did they go? Let me tell you, although the Gods are impossible to be killed, they can be sealed and suppressed! For example, the old Chris on Alcatraz Island! Wait to be sealed by that bitch for the endless years. It is almost ‘eternal’ seal! Do you want to be imprisoned for thousands and thousands of years? If you don’t want to, just work hard!”

Du Wei was really discouraged.

“‘Du Wei 2’ … ‘Du Wei 2’ …” he murmured and then finally smiled bitterly: “It’s fucking enough!”

He suddenly said: “Yeah, you said that goddess of light set up a trap. It was that trap that made you fail …”

“Not you, it’s us!” The voice corrected Du Wei’s wording: “In essence, we are one. As for the conspiracy … I can’t tell you yet!”

“Why?!” Du Wei suddenly became angry: “Fuck! ”

Before Du Wei could say anything else, the voice said, “Okay. Time is up! Now you should wake up. Remember, you can’t open this badge again until you get powerful. Aragon and I can’t help you anymore. Everything has to be done by you. ”

“But … but I didn’t open the badge today, how I come in…”

“That’s a coincidence.” The voice sighed: “You’re dying. Naturally, your mental strength skyrocketed. Under extreme danger, entering this badge is also a coincidence. It can be said to be a one in ten chance. If you committed suicide, there are 99,999 chances out of 100,000, you will die and can’t enter inside again. If you don’t believe it, you can… uh, forget it. Anyway don’t try it, otherwise, if you die, our memory in the badge will disappear together.”

Later, Du Wei felt as if he was pushed outside by some force and everything darkened around him. Faintly, the voice laughed, “It’s a pity that it has been sealed here for a thousand years, and everyone speaks. It’s inevitable that today’s local dialect will be a little more … Hey, I said Du Wei 2, you need to be early Awaken, let’s come out … ”

There was no sound.

Du Wei only felt a faint pain in his brain and opened his eyes wide. He seemed to be in the carriage of a carriage.

A gentle voice rang beside him, “Okay, he’s finally awake.”

Du Wei opened her eyes and saw a beautiful face, staring nervously at him. Her long silver hair were laying on his chest.

Du Wei barely opened his mouth and said in hoarse voice: “Se… mel… Semel?”

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