Law of the Devil Chapter 331 Part 1

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When the voice said to this point, Du Wei felt his heart pounding…

“Don’t worry, the story ends here and it doesn’t have much to do with you. This Du Wei is not you. Let’s call it ‘Du Wei 1’ and this ‘Du Wei 1’ is me. Unfortunately, the law of reincarnation is irreversible. After all, Aragorn has not yet broken through the god level and his power is still limited so when he reincarnated, the memories of his previous life disappeared. And ‘Du Wei 1’ forgot memories of Aragon’s life. I only remember that I was a reincarnation but I don’t remember all about Aragon’s life.”

“Fortunately, according to many guidelines and things left by Aragon himself thousands of years ago, ‘Du Wei 1’ got the direction. He started to get the job done step by step!”

“The life ‘Du Wei 1’ had been through and the life you had been through are basically same. For example, I also experienced the battle with Sebasta, but at that time, there was only ‘Aragon’ in this badge and no ‘Du Wei 1′.”

“In the lifetime of ‘Du Wei 1’, he got best opportunities. The bitch of the goddess of light encountered great crises and he almost succeeded! Unfortunately, that bitch, although she was a bitch, she was God after all! Aragon could predict so could she! So she had anticipated our plan and also conspired, and this conspiracy … Huh!”

“In the end, just as I was about to succeed, that conspiracy attacked me! That damn bitch laughed at the end again! Thousand years of plan till failed.

“But we were not reconciled. Although that bitch could defeat us, she couldn’t destroy us! Because of our strength already stood near tipping point.”

“God, you could not kill God!”

“So, we thought about it again. We reversed through time, came to the time when ‘Du Wei’ was just born and once again because of the law of time and space, the memory of ‘Aragon’ and ‘Du Wei 1’ was erased. Let’s call this new-born guy … ‘Du Wei 2’.”

Du Wei said dryly: “Du Wei 2 … Du Wei 2 … Could it be…”

“That’s you.” The voice in the void smiled: “We were originally the same person. But, I am ‘Du Wei 1’, your previous life. That’s it! In this life, traps of the goddess of light will not work again! You must do it well and then … all will be over!”

Du Wei suddenly cried: “I don’t want it! I don’t care about Aragon or ‘Du Wei 1’. I don’t care about it! It doesn’t matter if it is against the Heaven or against the God! What it has to do with me! It’s my choice! I don’t give a damn to mission!”

The voice smiled: “Your reaction is also very interesting … It’s exactly the same as before I awakened. However, you are still just a pure ‘Du Wei 2’. When your power reaches a certain level, your memory will naturally awaken. When that time comes, the memory of Aragon and ‘Du Wei 1’ will return to you. When you are fully awakened, you will naturally not think so! That bitch brought us all the hatred, all the anger!”

“That … then I don’t want to awaken! I don’t want to have any shit power!” Du Wei clenched his fists.

“This is destiny and all processes will follow history.” The voice smiled. “You can rest assured that neither Aragorn nor I will force you, but after a certain time, you will naturally desperately want power! Naturally longing for awakening! Because as soon as you awaken … then you will become this world’s strongest person under the stars! And…”

“And what?” Du Wei asked in a deep voice.

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