Law of the Devil Chapter 330 Part 2

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Du Wei suddenly felt that person was not looking at himself, but… me?

There was a panic in Du Wei’s heart. At this moment, as if to confirm Du Wei’s deduction, the face in the mirror blinked at him and then smiled!

He didn’t laugh at himself! But to Du Wei!

This was Du Wei’s only thought at the moment!

Then, a hand was slowly raised. A faint white light burst out from the fingertips of his slender fingers, writing a sentence on the mirror…

That was written in Chinese! The content of that sentence was:

“When you wake up, you will understand everything!”

Reading that, Du Wei became unfocused immediately.

When Du Wei read that sentence, he felt that he severely hit by a sledgehammer in his heart!

What happened? What does it mean? What do you mean?

The surrounding scenes became fragmented instantly, turning into countless channels of light and shadow. Instant later, Du Wei found himself back in the void.

The familiar voice finally sounded again, the voice was weak…

“In the past, a person who did not belong to this world came to this world. After he was born, his name was Aragon. He thought it was fun to travel and thought it was a great accomplishment. In the end, he became the founding emperor and became the world’s strongest person. He even reached the realm that human beings can’t reach…”

“It’s just a pity that God can’t tolerate human beings to peep at the god level, so this becomes his biggest bane! Aragon can’t tolerate this world where mankind was like a lamb for gods. He cannot tolerate himself be on the mercy of the gods, so he challenged the gods…”

“But unfortunately, he was not able to deal with that despicable goddess of light, that despicable bitch. Finally, He failed.”

“However, Aragon’s power has reached the realm of threatened the gods. He has crossed the stratum of human beings and can already see through time! Therefore, he can see the future. He found that one thousand years, the bitchy goddess of light will encounter a great crisis and will be at her weakest. Therefore, Aragon began to lay out a lot of plans. He let his soul travel through the time and come to the thousand years later Roland Empire. He was born into a noble family. The family is the famous Wu Xun family of the empire and this reincarnation of Aragorn has a new name… Du Wei!”

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