Law of the Devil Chapter 330 Part 1

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“Don’t you understand?” The voice grinned. “Time is almost up. Finally, I can show you a little something … After reading; you probably want to wake up…”

That’s it, no more.

Immediately, Du Wei saw a light curtain appearing in the void, and there seemed to be a door in the light curtain. As soon as he thought in his heart, he walked directly past it. After passing that light door, he felt that the surrounding space was distorted a bit. When he suddenly turned around, he found that he was already in a completely strange place!

Surrounded by a splendid palace with golden walls, he was sitting on a chair. Under the palace, there were hundreds or thousands of gold armoured warriors kneeling on one knee. Du Wei’s heart jumped up and felt the surrounding environment so familiar…

He couldn’t help exclaim to himself: “This! Isn’t this the palace?!”

Although this building was not the same as the layout of the palace that I had seen, the positions of the palace towers were roughly same!

Especially in the middle of the palace, that tall white tower! The pride of the empire, the patron saint of the imperial capital, White Tower!

“Long live Your Majesty! Long live Roland!!!”

Suddenly, the thousands of majestic golden armoured warriors suddenly shouted in unison. That mighty voice startled Du Wei!

But no matter how hard he tried, it seemed as if situation was out of his control or as if he was watching a movie … a “first-view” movie!

Later, Du Wei felt that his body stood up and raised his hand and waved gently. Everyone warrior showed a kind of fanatical admiration.

“From today on, the white tower will become Peugeot of the empire! As long as the white tower does not fall, the empire will last forever!” The majestic voice came from his mouth. The thousands of warriors shouted again.

Du Wei, without looking at them, turned around and walked out from behind the palace.

Through the long corridor, along the way, every court maids in Chinese clothes immediately bowed their heads deeply with the most obedient attitude, seeing him from afar.

Later, Du Wei felt that after entering a door, he crossed a secret passage and came to a room. There were no windows on all sides of the room. Only a few magic gems around it gave off a soft light.

What made Du Wei feel strange was that in this room, huge mirror was arranged on a wall!

Du Wei felt the body walking slowly in front of the mirror, so … Du Wei could finally see himself in the mirror!

At this look, he was immediately shocked!

This … Isn’t this exactly me?

Although the edges and corners of that face were a little more refined than him, but the eyebrows, eyes and even the corners of his mouth were exactly what he looked like! However, it seemed that he was much older than himself, about 30 or 40 years old.

And that golden arm or, the style was luxurious and arrogant.

Du Wei looked at the person in the mirror and from the reflection of the mirror, that person seemed to be looking at him…


Du Wei suddenly felt that person was not looking at himself, but… me?

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  1. it seemed as if THE situation
    “Everyone warrior showed a kind of fanatical admiration” => All the warriors around him… or just Everyone without warrior

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