Law of the Devil Chapter 329 Part 2

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It sounded like I am being mocked by myself.

He shook his head and said: “It’s not that I’m not afraid. It’s just …”

He paused before continuing: “It’s just that my strength is not great then that bitch! Really, she might kill me with two fingers. ”

“Hehe…” The voice smiled: “Of course you are not the goddess’ opponent now just because you haven’t recovered your strength!”

Ok? How did those words sound so familiar?

Du Wei’s forehead was sweating hard. Before he could say anything, that voice continued: “As long as you find the Moonlight Treasure Box …”

“Stop! Stop! F*cking … stop!” Du Wei screamed and shouted in agitated voice, “Your mother! Are you playing me? What moonlight treasure box! You thought this is “Journey to the West”! You, who are you?”

The voice laughed and then said more serious tone: “Sorry, I have been sealed here for a thousand years. I am really sullen. It is rare that you can come in and talk with me. I can’t help but joke around. Okay…”

Suddenly Du Wei came up with an extremely absurd idea: “You … who are you! How could you know about Moonlight Treasure Box and Journey to the west? These are impossible in this world!”

The voice was finally silent and then finally sighed:

“Me? Am I not you?”

This sentence made Du Wei’s heart pounding. All kinds of weird things he encountered in his life were not as puzzling as today’s events. This voice claimed to have been sealed for a thousand years, and said “I am you”.


Du Wei really wanted to laugh a few times and then severely rebuke the other side for such absurd jokes. But unfortunately, although he laughed a few times hard, his laugh lacked confidence and were somewhat forced.

“Well, you don’t have to laugh anymore.” The voice said quietly: “Strictly speaking. I, the guy who is now outside to help you drive the Sebasta and you … the three of us are actually one. But … oh, that’s a long story.”

“I am afraid it’s too late today. Only a trace of the divine thoughts we left are left in this badge. Originally, your mental strength was pathetically weak so it’s absolutely impossible for you to get in. But before you die, you happened to open the badge.”

“How to put it, it can’t be said fate because, I experienced it once before. But that time I was not as lucky as you. When you came in, I am here to speak with you but when I came in, there was no here. I was all alone. Even after screaming for a long time, no one responded to me but after waking up, that Sebasta outside was already driven away…”

That being said, more Du Wei heard, the dizzier he became.

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