Law of the Devil Chapter 329 Part 1

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As if paused, he suddenly opened his eyes and suddenly a powerful aura unfolded all over his body! It seemed that the aura was spreading. In an instant, Semel felt as if she was standing beside a high mountain!

Then Du Wei reached out his palm and gasp something gently.

In the palm of his hand, it was exactly that badge!

Du Wei felt as if he was standing in a void.

He looked down at his body and found that his body was intact. But all around is a dream…

Is he already killed by the iron-faced boy of Sebasta?

Is this … this is the hell?

So dead? I don’t know if I can return to my own world…

However, there was nothing in the sky and there was no road…

Du Wei suddenly shouted with all his strength…


In the void, a voice answered suddenly.

What surprised Du Wei was that this voice, that voice … was exactly the same as his own!!!

“What do you think ‘Human’ are?”

Du Wei stunned: “Human? Human is human …”

“Then what is God?”

“God?” Du Wei thought for a moment: “I don’t care what god is! In my opinion, the gods on this continent are just **** and that goddess of light is just a bitch who deceives the world!”

The voice burst into laughter: “That’s good! That’s good! That goddess of light is just a bitch!”

After a pause, the voice asked again: “Tell me, do you want that bitch kneel in front of you and lick your toes one day?”

Du Wei: “…”

Du Wei was silent. The voice was too boastful. Making the goddess kneel in front of her and lick his toes? Even if he really wanted to do this, Du Wei was very self-aware that he did not have qualifications.

“What’s wrong? Scared? Scared?” The voice mocked.

What makes Du Wei uncomfortable was that the voice was clear his own voice! Even the tone when mocking people was the same as the tone when he mocked and sneered at other people!

It sounded like I am being mocked by myself.

He shook his head and said: “It’s not that I’m not afraid. It’s just …”

He paused before continuing: “It’s just that my strength is not great then that bitch! Really, she might kill me with two fingers. ”

“Hehe…” The voice smiled: “Of course you are not the goddess’ opponent now just because you haven’t recovered your strength!”

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