Law of the Devil Chapter 328 Part 2

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He … he … how did he … how did he do it?

This was the last thought in Sebasta’s mind!

The next moment, he suddenly felt that the space around him had locked down. Then he felt a powerful force forcibly entering his body. Blood flowed out from his pores!

At this instant, time seemed to have slowed. He could clearly see the blood flowing out his every pour…


After a loud noise, there was a long trench of hundreds of meters! Sebasta’s body was sent flying far away. The force was extremely powerful. When he was sent flying, he passed through the entire forest and did not know how many trees he had hit along the way!

When Sebasta felt that his body had completely fallen apart, force behind the attack finally disappeared. When he finally fell to the ground, he vomited blood…

He was like a ragdoll that was torn up! A big one-meter long cut on his chest cut almost his entire body in half!

Sebasta almost fainted. How can he held back his strength at this moment? Desperately exerting the perfect body to work hard to heal the body…

When he finally stood up staggering, he looked at the distance again…

He was horrified. He didn’t know how far he was sent flying just now!

Du Wei … Du Wei… How could Du Wei have such strength!

He was terrified at the moment, where would he dare to go back? With a roar, he turned around in the direction of the northwest and fled away.

In the woods…

“Du Wei” stood there. His face was indifferent as if he had no consciousness. His empty eyes swept over things scattered on the ground.

He went over and reached out his hand from this pile of things. He grabbed the strangely shaped bow. His fingers gently stroked the long bow…

Suddenly, his expression changed and a strange colour flashed in his eyes. He suddenly reached out and grabbed something in the air!

With a pained sound, a red figure appeared in the air!

Semel was frightened and her neck was caught by Du Wei. Her eyes were full of horror, looking at the “Du Wei” in front of her.

“You’re peeping at me.”

There was a slight disdain in Du Wei’s voice as he said: “Hum, a magical creature without a body.”

Semel was caught by her neck and she was very afraid! Obviously she had no actual body, just an illusory shadow! But this person in front of him could actually “grasp” her! It seemed that he was not bound by rules!

“You … you … aren’t you Du Wei?!” Saimel’s voice trembled.

A hint of clarity appeared “Du Wei”. He lowered his head for a moment and then said with smile: “Well, I remember … I was dead long ago. Hmm … It’s been too long, I have forgotten almost everything.”

“Du Wei” looked at her carefully and added: “Oh … rest assured the real ‘Du Wei’ will soon wake up.”

Semel’s beautiful face paled: “You, who are you!”

“Du Wei” shook his head and then pointed at her, then pointed to himself and said slowly: “Actually, you and I are the same. Rest assured, he is not dead, otherwise you will disappear, Right?”

After a pause, he sat down slowly. His voice gradually getting lower and weaker…

His last sentence was: “After he wakes up, help me say some word to this kid …”

“What … what?” Semel hesitantly replied.

“Tell him … work hard! Whether it’s all over or not … it’s up to him …”

Seeing that his eyes were about to close, Semel suddenly moved and leaned back: “You … who are you?”

The man finally opened his eyes a little…

“Me? I am …”

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