Law of the Devil Chapter 328 Part 1

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At this moment, if someone nearby looked closely, he would find that the metal texture on this badge seemed to suddenly become a living thing. After slowly dissolving, the scratches were mended one by one…

And “Aragon-Roland” was written on the back of the badge. Its ach stroke suddenly began to dance and twist briskly back and forth. Finally they reconstituted a new name…

Finally … killed this nasty @sshole!

Seeing Du Wei dying slowly, Sebasta finally heaved sigh of relief.

After that his body trembled and he began to cough violently. Then he looked at the wound on his chest.

That weird third hand and scimitar were really amazing! The armour of Sebasta’s chest was easily cut open and the scimitar penetrated deeply into his lungs. There was even a trace of fighting spirit trying to penetrate further in. However, this power was really much weaker so he immediately stopped it.

It’s just … the injury was really not minor.

He sneered twice and took a deep breath. Suddenly a strange sound came out of his body’s bones, and then the scars on his chest healed quickly and the blood stopped flowing. Even wounds on the back of the hand disappeared instantly.

Instead, he was angry.

This abominable Du Wei finally finally forced himself to show this perfect body!

However, it was important now to kill two old guys at once and then rush back to the Northwest Army’s Watt Fortress to meet his father at the fastest speed!

Looking at the entrance of the cave, Sebasta seethed in excitement!

Pope? White River? Humph! After a while, they will be ghosts!

After killing the Pope, Roland Empire would fell into chaos! Once prairie lost the blessing of the White River, those cavalry soldiers were nothing!

Just he took two steps forward, but suddenly he heard a small voice next to him. He turned his head to look and suddenly his face changed: “Impossible! You …”

The “corpse” Du Wei had already stood up. The look on his face was indifferent as if nothing happened. The big wound caused by spear on his chest quickly healed…

Damn it! How can that be! How can he heal faster than my perfect body?

Suddenly, he saw “Du Wei” frowning gently and glancing at the third arm on his chest and muttering: “How can this perfect fusion be achieved with this impure power?”

Snort! He suddenly raised his hand and pulled it hard. He tore off his third arm! At the original fusion site, the wound healed instantly. No trace was left.

Subsequently, “Du Wei” looked up at Sebasta and the kind of indifference in his eyes even made Sebasta’s heart cold!

Yes indifferent, absolutely indifferent!

It’s like a giant glancing at the ants under its feet at random. This indifference was definitely not deliberately disguised but the kind of instinct and nature.

Just being glanced at by “Du Wei”, Sebasta suddenly felt that his whole body was pressed by a monstrous power, so great that he was drenched in cold sweat.

He unconsciously raised his spear and murmured, “You … you …”

“Du Wei” stared blankly and finally indifference in his eyes gradually disappeared. Then a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes. Then, he finally spoke slowly…

“Courting death!”

Sebasta suddenly felt that the entire space in front of him was suddenly distorted a bit. When he saw clearly again, “Du Wei” stood in front of him. The two were close and they were only two steps away.

He was terrified, and was about to attack with his spear but suddenly he felt a stiffness on the spear. Looking down, Du Wei’s hand was already holding his spear!

He … he … how did he … how did he do it?

This was the last thought in Sebasta’s mind!

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