Law of the Devil Chapter 327 Part 2

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The corner of Sebasta’s mouth, however, showed a strange smile.

Du Wei felt the pain in the fingers of third hand but he still continued to try to gasp the scimitar. He was being overwhelmed by the opponent’s fighting spirit…

The scimitar cut the whole wooden spear and reached the hand of Sebasta. Then it began to attack the hand of Sebasta. The sound of the bones breaking was clear and audible!

Facing this scimitar, Sebastian suddenly smiled strangely and released the hand that was cut. Then the scimitar, without any obstruction, went to attack the chest of Sebasta…

Blood burst out and sprayed on Du Wei’s face. At this moment … Du Wei’s (third) hand was suddenly destroyed by the fighting spirit on the opponent’s spear! His fingers cracked dozens of times and blood bleed out! On his right finger, he originally wore two rings, one was a multi-coloured stone, and the other was a magic ring for storage. Under the frost fighting spirit, they also suddenly broke!

The ring stumbled to the ground and the multi-coloured stone ring was just broken into several pieces. After the storage ring was broken, the underlying space magic was destroyed and the things were stored in it were thrown out and fell on the ground.

Among them, there was such a small badge, but it was caught by the barb on the wooden spear and did not fall to the ground. But it stuck at the spear point…


Du Wei felt the coldness in his chest so he looked down and saw a spear pierced his chest. He felt no pain because of coldness. Frost fighting spirit invaded his body…

It’s so cold!

That icy spear pierced his body. It began to rub his bones.

Sebasta stabbed Du Wei’s body but his face did not show any change. He retracted the spear from the Du Wei’s body and then Du Wei’s body fell down.


When Dewey’s body landed on the ground, he hardly felt anything. His body seemed to have completely frozen instantly by the frost fighting spirit and then destroyed. He felt that his mental strength was weakening quickly, just like the leaking balloon. He began to lose consciousness…

Am I going to die?

Du Wei stretched out his hands as if trying to grasp something, but he didn’t grasp anything. At last, his hands fell down on his chest…

Fresh blood was gushing out from the place pierced by the spear…

Just as Du Wei felt that consciousness was about to fade away.

There was a badge on his chest…

The Holy Knight badge left by Aragon.

The badge used by the Pope to perform divine magic which was later picked up by Du Wei…

Du Wei’s blood flowed on the badge. The badge was originally covered with various scratches and slash marks. In the previous battle, it was almost split by White River’s attack.

These scars, after being soaked in Du Wei’s blood, slowly mended at an extremely strange speed!

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  1. blood bled out (or blood was bleeding out)
    “On his right finger” … do you mean on his right hand? Or on his pointer finger?

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