Law of the Devil Chapter 327 Part 1

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Du Wei was both surprised and depressed at the moment. The surprise was that this third arm was so useful; it was equivalent to bringing an automatic defence system with him! What depressed him was that this thing was too ugly. He looked like a monster.

Sebasta took a deep breath as he took a step forward. Starting from the ground beneath his feet, a faint layer ice gradually spread on the ground. Du Wei saw that frost coming towards him.

His third arm suddenly gave birth to a weird power. This strange power travelled from the arm to his entire body. He suddenly felt warm and his body seemed to be glowing with a very faint red light!

This surprised Sebasta even more! Although this red light was faint, it was standard and genuine “Fighting Spirit”!

Being able to give birth to fighting spirit and make it spread out of the body, this was already a sign of level-four martial artist! It could be said that unless one had reached level four or higher realm, it’s absolutely impossible to let ones fighting spirit reach this level. Du Wei … this bastard, he was really amazing!

He was obviously a magician who had no clue about martial arts. In a moment, he had achieved such accomplishment?

Ten meters area surrounding Sebasta was filled with frost fighting spirit. The large trees close to it suddenly condensed into ice. When the cold wind blew, a tinkling noise came out.

Obviously, Sebasta had gone all out!

He didn’t use any unusually fast speed this time but instead he just held the spear and slowly walked towards Du Wei step by step. Every time he took a step forward, the pressure of frost fighting spirit seemed to be more dignified, pressing Du Wei’s heart as if huge wall was falling on him.

A soft red light was covering his body, resisting the pressure of frost fighting spirit. No matter how great the pressure was, it was a held back!

Du Wei stopped at the cave entrance and did not let the frost invade the cave.

Sebasta walked slowly, step by step. The momentum seemed to have increased a little more. Although Du Wei didn’t quite understand what Sebasta was doing, he had a weird hunch in his heart.

The third arm suddenly acted on its own, completely disregarding thoughts of Du Wei. It held the scimitar…

Above the scimitar, a pale red flame emerged, startling Du Wei because it was actually White River’s unique skill and flames. The temperature of this pale red flame was far more than a hundred times the temperature of ordinary flames. A faint red light shot out and instantly incinerated a path of fire. Wherever it passed, the ground’s frost was dissolved.

It looked like it’s trying to stop the opponent’s frosty attack. Unfortunately, the strength was far inferior to the other party. No matter how hard it worked, the frost on the ground melted and then re-condensed instantly.

And at this moment, Sebasta finally came in front Du Wei!

The spear in his hand was raised and stabbed at Dewey at a strangely slow speed!

This attack seemed to be not fast. But in the Du Wei’s eyes, it was blurry as if moving at an extremely fast speed. His body could not dodge. It seemed to have exceeded the limit of speed!

If there was a Holy Order martial artist here, he would have immediately notice that the strength of Sebasta was already standing at the peak of the ninth level. It was only one step away from breaking through the Holy Order. With all his strength, he seemed to have showing faint signs of breaking the rules of time and space…

Du Wei’s third arm immediately felt it. It once again found the weakest point of the opponent’s spear attack. With a bang, the spear and the scimitar collided. Sebasta’s arm shook slightly but he did not retreat. Although the spear was blocked, he continued to thrust forward without stopping. Du Wei’s scimitar rubbed on the spear and immediately cut off the edge of the wooden spear.

The corner of Sebasta’s mouth, however, showed a strange smile.

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  1. a faint layer “OF” ice gradually spread on the ground.
    came in front “OF” Du Wei
    “stabbed at Dewey ” => stabbed Du Wei?

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