Law of the Devil Chapter 326 Part 2

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Du Wei was terrified. Naturally, he was desperately meditating on the mantra. He had no idea what the use was.

Dozens of spears arrived almost at the same time. Different from the false tricks in ordinary martial arts, each of these dozens of spears was true.

Neither Du Wei could cast magic and nor he could hide. In despair, he could only close his eyes and wait for death.

Dozens of spears stabbed the Du Wei’s body like a tide. Du Wei closed his eyes as he had given up in his heart, but suddenly he heard a ‘ding’ sound like a rain-like collision.

That frantic attack did not hit him. He opened his eyes to see and saw that Sebasta had stepped back a dozen steps. He stood there with surprised look. The tip of the wooden spear had been cut off and there were spotty cracks on the spear! Although spear was made of wood, it was infused with Yuan Qi which made it harder than iron. At this moment, it seems that someone had cut it more than a dozen times with a sharp blade…

Du Wei saw the third arm on his chest was holding White River’s scimitar in his palm.

The other side’s dozens of blows were completely blocked by his third arm!!!

Du Wei was suddenly sober and he felt a pain in the third arm! The arm was clearly not his own, but he felt pain like it was his own hand!

It turned out that when Du Wei’s mind blanked out; he was faintly in line with that “White Paper” theory. White River’s arm took action instinctively! How powerful was White River’s ‘seed of power’! Actually, it completely blocked the storm-like attacks of Sebasta!

Unfortunately, although the realm of this rule was high, Du Wei’s true strength at the moment was too poor so the strength of this arm was weak too. Although it blocked the attacks, it was damaged by the opponent’s fighting spirit. All the muscles and bones were greatly damaged. Du Wei looked down. The blood was faintly flowing from his fingers and falling to the ground.

Whether it was his own blood or White River’s, it’s hard to tell.

Sebasta was even more frightened, staring at Du Wei’s third arm…

There was no one in the world that could resist that attack unless someone had reached Holy Order! Because the father once said that under the Holy Order, he could already be regarded as the first in the world! As long as he didn’t encounter any Holy Order warrior, no one was his opponent!

The series of blocks just now clearly showed that the strength of the opponent was actually not strong, but it was very precise. To block such powerful attacks with weak block!

Such a state…

Sebasta gave Du Wei a shocked look … Is this bastard reached Holy Order?

But that thought was rejected at second thought. If Du Wei had really reached Holy Order, he would have been killed by him.

Anyway, be sure to kill him! Must kill him!!!

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