Law of the Devil Chapter 326 Part 1

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No one knew if Sebasta was unlucky or Du Wei was lucky. Because Du Wei had learned this Snow Mountain body technique to halfway! He had never learned of bending! Just now, that bending motion was accidentally happened by accident.

And … speaking of which, those following ‘three movements’ have a premise that the person must first try to “stand up”! But Du Wei’s body bending down was already an accident so… Du Wei could not stand upright even if he wanted to.

Therefore, no matter how clever Sebasta was, nothing was going to happen. The people like White River could not help but praise him for his sword movement. Unfortunately, it was all for knot.

At this moment, Du Wei couldn’t hold on to this ‘folding waist’ movement. Suddenly Du Wei’s centre of gravity shifted toward his head. Using this momentum, Du Wei turned over and his feet suddenly left the ground and stood high…

(T/L: That’s right! He is upside-down now.)


When Du Wei’s legs were in the air, they just happened to have a “close contact” with Sebasta’s chin…

After a bang, Du Wei felt that his feet seemed to have hit something. He was in awkward situation. Finally, he stood up by using his hands.

After Sebasta’s chin was “kicked” by Du Wei, he was not harmed at all. It’s just that the anger and humiliation in his heart were burning more violent than ever before! He had always been conceited. But now with his strength, he was actually kicked by a martial arts rookie in the chin! What a shame?

“You … you … you …” Sebasta’s body shook because of anger: “Unforgivable! Unforgivable bastard! You actually hit my face!”

His original appearance was somewhat pale, apparently because he wore a mask all year round and lacked sunlight. His appearance was also handsome but Du Wei felt strange … There was no scar on his face. Why wear an iron face?

Silver light suddenly enveloped Sebasta and a strong aura emanated from around him. The aura made Du Wei breathless. He stepped back step by step. Watching this guy vigilantly…

Sebasta’s eyes have turned into strange silver.  He suddenly raised his hand and gently touched a big tree in the distance. With that, the big tree was broken. Then he cut the tree into more than two meters long stick like a spear.

The spear flew into Sebasta’s hands; he held it in his hands. The spear spun like a flywheel and leaned towards Du Wei!

At this moment, even White River who was hiding in the cave was a surprised.

Because the martial arts displayed by the Sebasta was not the martial arts of Snow Mountain at all! It’s the Golden Dragon Spear skill he learned when duelling with the golden dragon warrior that day!!

This was the unique skill of the Dragons.

When Golden Dragon Spear was exhibited, one end of that spear was full of fierce polar fighting spirit so powerful that it could destroy everything! Du Wei felt as if he was standing in front of a mighty wave. Shocked, he could only retreat quickly! When Sebasta’s wrist shook, dozens of spears attacked him.

Dozens of shots stabbed in a breath. Because of fierce speed, Du Wei couldn’t even hide in time! The violent fighting spirit disturbed the air around Du Wei’s body. He tried to cast a spell with his mouth but he couldn’t open his mouth.

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