Law of the Devil Chapter 325 Part 2

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With a gurgling sound, a sharp blade burst out from Du Wei’s chest and immediately divided Du Wei’s robe into two. The sharp blade cut the branch of Sebasta.

Speed was extremely fast and Sebasta stared at Du Wei’s body in shock. Suddenly, there was such a weird reaction. The sharp blade ran along the branches all the way up, destroying the entire branch along the way. If Sebasta did not let the branch go, the fingers holding the tree branch would not be safe.

He immediately loosened the tree branch and immediately retreated. After that, he looked at Du Wei.

“You … what the hell are you!” Sebasta stared at Du Wei with his mouth wide open.

Du Wei’s chest had an third arm which was holding a scimitar in his hand. At this moment, Du Wei’s shape was exactly like the god in ancient Chinese mythology that had three heads and six arms but two heads and three arms were missing.

Sebasta looked at Du Wei’s weird look and he couldn’t help but feel weird. He looked at the sharp scimitar. This Du Wei was just a magician, how could he use scimitar in such a refined manner.

However, Sebasta soon recovered and stretched out his hand. The moisture in the surrounding air was extracted by him and after condensing, it became an icicle. The icicle was sharp. He pointed the icicle at Du Wei and said: “Let’s do it again! Let’s see how many attacks you can take with your weird magic!”

As soon as Sebastian’s icicles shook, Du Wei felt a white light flashing in front of him. In the white light, Sebasta’s body seemed to become a phantom. Under the full force of the Nine-level Martial Arts, it was extraordinary! Although Sebasta was just stabbing, Du Wei felt that the icicles were attacking from all directions! How could he resist such advanced martial arts?

Suddenly Du Wei suddenly heard White River’s voice from the cave: “Bend!”

It was too late to react for Du Wei. He stood there without any movement as if he was petrified. However, his waist seemed to have broken suddenly and his upper body suddenly fell back. Even his head almost hit the ground.

Such a move that almost exceeded his physical limit. He narrowly dodged Sebasta’s attack. If he was hit, he was afraid that his upper body would be completely smashed!

He had just learned this Snow Mountain Body Technique body technique for a few days? To be able to accomplish such feet was amazing. At this moment, this bend was too sharp, his waist was hurting. At this moment, if he wanted to stand up again, he could never do it.

Sebasta was also practicing the martial arts of Snow Mountain, Snow Mountain Body Technique. How could he not recognize it? Seeing Du Wei, he immediately understood: “Well, it must have been taught by White River.”

However, he was even more disdainful. He started exercising this technique from a young age so Du Wei was far from catching up with his skills. This abominable guy (Du Wei) wanted to deal with him with what he knew best. Isn’t he seeking death?

With Snow Mountain Body Technique, one could bend his waist to unimaginable degree. After bending one had to perform ‘one of the three movements’ to stand up in an instant and avoid enemy’s attack. This could catch an opponent off guard.

Sebasta did not know how many times he had performed those three movements since his childhood. The icicle in his hand suddenly stabbed for seven to eight times and the three subsequent movements were all blocked!

If Du Wei was following the “genuine” Snow Mountain Body Technique, then no matter which of the three movements he uses, he would face the attack of Sebasta and would meet his death…

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