Law of the Devil Chapter 325 Part 1

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When Sebasta looked at Du Wei, his heart began to burn with angry but he also felt that something was wrong with Du Wei.

This kid’s face seemed to be little weird. He didn’t know if he (Du Wei) was scared or it was something else. Did he want to do anything more? In particular, the guy wore a large robe over his body, holding a staff in his hand.

It was just that the robe was too wide and seemed to be stolen.

Du Wei’s heart was in misery. In his storage ring, only one set of clothes was left, this large magician robe.

“Huh!” Sebasta squinted his eyes and said: “You are finally out! Oh … you put on the magician’s robe. Do you want to reflect your dignity as a magician before you die?”

Although he said that in taunting tone, his eyes did not dare to relax. After all, he had been suffering from the hands of Du Wei again and again.

Du Wei sighed and the staff slammed heavily on the ground: “Come on, Young General, don’t be afraid.”

“What a joke! I’m not afraid, you should be afraid!” Sebasta immediately argued. The branch in his hand pointed sharply at Du Wei: “You have no chance now even if you want to escape! At such a short distance, even if you immediately use the wind control technique to escape, I can stab you down before you fly … Moreover, will you even have a chance to chant a spell?”

Du Wei frowned and raised his staff with both hands … in a weird posture. It was definitely not the way a magician casts spell. He was holding the staff like a samurai holds a spear. Sebasta smiled and said: “Not using magic to fight me, you are looking for death!”

After that, he sprinted toward Du Wei and stuck his branch at Du Wei’s heart. Sebasta really hated Du Wei and he went up to the vital part.

Du Wei’s eyes flashed with a strange colour. Seeing that Sebasta was in front of him, he waved his sleeve and threw it away. Sebasta’s branch poked on Du Wei’s sleeve but he couldn’t pierce it.

With a bang, it seemed as if something hard had been stabbed. Sebasta felt an impact in his hand and suddenly branch snapped in two. Then Du Wei suddenly rushed forward and hit him hard.

Before Du Wei came out. He blessed himself with a brute force so the force behind the attack was even more powerful. The Sebasta felt as if he was hit by a running horse.

However, he was a nine-level martial artist after all. How could he be injured by a rookie like Du Wei? In face of such attack, he was not harmed at all. He just stepped back slightly and then stood still. However, Du Wei felt as if he had voluntarily hit a wall. His head was dizzy and he almost fell.

With a half-stick in his hand, Sebasta immediately launched attacked at Du Wei’s neck! Although it was just a branch, however under the fighting spirit of the ninth-level warrior, it was harder than the iron rod. If Du Wei really got hit, Du Wei’s neck would definitely be broken.

Before branch could land, Du Wei suddenly heard the cold voice of White River from the cave: “Turn on the sixth style!”

Du Wei couldn’t respond immediately but the ‘arm’ hidden beneath his robe immediately acted on its own. It contained the seed of power left by White River. It was in perfect harmony with White River.

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