Law of the Devil Chapter 324 Part 2

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It almost caused Du Wei to faint again. He bit his tongue hard. With severe pain, he didn’t faint and opened his mouth wide. He looked at his chest and then looked at White River: “You you you… I, I … Your hands … I, I …”

“I lent it to you.” White River’s face was bleak and his voice was weak: “Your strength is worse than that boy. Although you have good magic, you still can’t use them. With that arms and last bit of strength, you could barely fight him!”

Du Wei suddenly wanted to jump up and curse!

“You! I am not mistaken! Three hands! I have become a monster with three hands! Hey, with this… how can I go out in the future? I still need to see people!!!”

White River sneered and said: “That extra arm has the seed of the rules of power. With it, the seed will be slowly digested by you and you will get the benefits. Come on, don’t blame me! As for that arm … it was my arm. I have temporarily connected it with Snow Mountain sorcery and after a few days, it will fall off by itself. What are you afraid of?”

His voice was gradually wheezing. He cut off his arm by himself so it was bleeding too much and he could prevent it.

Du Wei recovered and took out some medicine from the storage ring to apply on White River’s arm. He watched that extra arm on his chest and couldn’t help laughing.

“I have injected the seed of power into that hand! Even if seed is no longer with me, you can use its power. This arm will use the Scimitar according to instinct! Just let it be and don’t care about it. Nature can help you… ”

Help me?

Du Wei smiled bitterly … this was really an “add-on”!

“Boss … you …”

White River interrupted: “You don’t need to thank me. If I don’t do this, everyone will die. I’m not doing it for you but just for living. I give you an arm because you can’t bear the power of seed.”

He lay on the ground and raised his left hand and passed his scimitar.

Du Wei silently took over, White River sneered: “My scimitar can’t easily get out of the sheath. Once it is sheathed, you can’t lose! Don’t lose honour of this scimitar!”

The Pope sighed and said: “Your Majesty the Witch King, you have very strong perseverance! Come here, I still have a trace of holy power and can barely perform a healing technique. I will heal your wounds first. ”

Outside the cave, Sebasta was anxious and regretted. Just now he was fooled by Du Wei a few times, and he was afraid of it. He lost an incredible opportunity…

But he knew that this magical enchantment could not last for long! When the time comes, this magical enchantment disappears naturally. Then he would kill all three of them!

Sure enough, as the sun gradually tilted westward, the magic enchantment gradually faded and finally disappeared!

Sebasta lost his sword so he picked up a sharp and strong branch to use. But before he could enter, Du Wei walked out by himself!

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