Law of the Devil Chapter 324 Part 1

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“This … Boss White, if you gave me this last bit of Yung Qi … then you will…” Du Wei swallowed hard.

White River said with a sneer: “This is just the purest strength I have ever cultivated. If I give it to you, my recovery rate will be slowed down but it’s still better than dying here. ”

After that, he frowned continued: “It’s just a pity that this purest power cannot be directly transmitted to you. This is the source of my flesh-and-blood power. Unless I use special method to occupy your physical body and transfer this power to your body, it is impossible to transfer it. If I did so, you will die. ”

Du Wei was startled. White River only smiled lightly: “You can rest assured that because of serious injury I can’t cast the possession spell. Moreover, you should also know that my spell can only be used once every ten years. Even if I ’m not hurt now, I can’t use it. So I can only use extraordinary methods to pass it to you! I will not only pass on it to you but I will also give you my flesh and blood! Otherwise, you can’t withstand it!”

White River was sweating all over and his face was as pale as white paper but the tip of his right finger that was sticking out was releasing more and more dazzling light. White River did his best to push the last trace of power to his right arm and then suddenly whispered something. He put his finger on the heart of Du Wei’s chest…

His fingertips were like the sharpest blades. He made a circle on the chest and immediately “cut” a piece of flesh of the left side of Du Wei’s chest.

Du Wei screamed but White River continued and Du Wei did not even have time to dodge. The round piece of leash on his chest was “spinning”!

The blood was flowing nonstop. Du Wei had never suffered from this kind of pain. His pain was so severe that he yelled, “White … White River, do you want to kill me?!”

White River warned “Shut up! I can’t support it for a long time, if you move again, it’s over!”

Then, White River suddenly raised his left hand. His palm like knife stuck his right arm shoulder…

With a tearing sound, White River’s right arm was cut off!!!

(T/L: That’s right. White River cut off his own right arm.)

White River’s face was death pale because of pain but he still sneered and said, “Don’t move around, otherwise, don’t blame me when you die.”

After speaking, he continued his work…

Terrifying and painful screams of Du Wei resonated in the cave.

Ah, ah…

When Du Wei woke up, he felt that something was wrong with his body and his chest was faintly painful. He was lying with his back on the ground. He opened his eyes and saw White River sitting beside himself, looking at him strangely.

Du Wei immediately sat up by supporting himself with his both hands. He felt that his face was sticky and itchy as if stained with blood. He raised his hand and wiped his face…

Du Wei suddenly snapped!



Du Wei looked around and found that his original two hands were on the ground. How did I wipe my face?

He looked down and saw his chest and found something bizarre. A hand was attached to the left side of his chest which was previously cut out by White River!

He didn’t know what spell White River used but he connected that extra hand with him perfectly even blood was flowing to it.

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