Law of the Devil Chapter 323 Part 2

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“Originally, even if you use my method, it will not let you defeat him. However, there is a catch … we people from Snow Mountain all practice all frost type art. That Sebasta is no exception. But this frost type art has some weaknesses and disadvantages. These disadvantages can only be overcome with their own understanding of the art unless the strength reaches the Holy Order. Fortunately, this kid’s strength has not yet reached the Holy Order. So, as long as you can master these weaknesses to deal with him, you can still cope for a while. ”

“It’s just that you know almost nothing about martial arts. Even if I teach you, you can’t have any substantial improvement in short while. So, although I’m very reluctant to do this, I can’t care about it at this moment.”

White River breathed a sigh of relief before continuing: “I’m seriously injured now, but although I am seriously injured, my realm is still there. It’s just that my mana and vigour have been damaged and I can’t recover much in a short while. But only little Yuan Qi is left. Although this Yuan Qi is not too much, at least it can still barely support me. With my injury, if I can safely pass this place, I can recover most of it after three or five days. It can be fully restored in up to one or two months. But … but if I don’t even have this last Yuan Qi… then I must return to the snow mountain as soon as possible. Without practicing for three or four years, I can’t even think about recovery! But now things are so urgent and I have no choice. Both of us old guys can’t move and fight that guy. I have nothing but this Yuan Qi…”

“Yuan Qi? What Yuan Qi?” Du Wei was moved.

White River smiled a bit weirdly and said: “My so-called Yuan Qi … is a ‘seed of power’! This is the purest source of strength I have cultivated. It is not a flame or frost, but one of the purest understandings of the power of the rule. Even if I am injured again as long as this seed is left in the body, it will continue to restore my strength! But now … Du Wei, you are optimistic, this is the seed of strength!”

White River stretched out his right index finger and dazzling light suddenly burst out from his fingertip. Although the light was dazzling, it did not have slightest temperature. Du Wei looked at it but felt a shocking pressure. It contained inexplicable rule…

“Every warrior has a different understanding of Rules.” White River said with a sneer: “This seed has my comprehension of Rule of Power. So as long as I inject this seed into your body, you can learn my comprehension of the rules of power! In other words, if you work hard, you can save the decades that I had spent trying to comprehend this rule! With yours talent, within five years, if you meet that brat outside, you can abuse him if you want to abuse him!”

Du Wei’s heart was beating hard!

……Wow! Is it seed of power?

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