Law of the Devil Chapter 323 Part 1

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Du Wei stunned and then sneered: “Boss White River, I’m a standard magician. In fact, when it comes to knives … I can only use table knives and kitchen knives. I have not used a scimitar.”

He asked me if I could use a scimitar  … what? Is it the legendary “Teaching Divine Power”?

Well, yes, definitely yes, it must be right!

Dewey suddenly rejoiced. This was the way story proceeds for every male lead!

From this point of view, whenever male lead went for adventure and a villain blocked the cave, good things always happen!

… Does this pie dropped from the sky actually fall on my head?

Du Wei thought of this and looked at White River’s eyes. He could not help but stare at them as if he was looking at most wonderful thing!

What was the skill of His Majesty White River? Well, he was the Witch King and the first strongest man in the world today. He must be able to teach me something and it must be not an inferior thing!

White River sighed slightly and nodded: “Well, good, you haven’t use a scimitar. It’s great. I’m still worried. If you have learnt any other martial arts before, this art (trick) will not work. ”

It looked like, for learning peerless art, one was required to be a blank piece of paper, the whiter the better!

His Majesty, I didn’t know any scimitar martial arts, which was exactly in line with the characteristics of this “white paper”!

Ok. Boss White, you really do have the right last name “white”!

Du Wei swallowed his saliva vigorously and laughed, “Well, Mr. White, are you going to teach me your set of scimitar skills?”

White River glanced at him coldly and said: “Huh, teach you? Did you suddenly become stupid? That Sebasta has the strength of a nine-level martial artist! Even if I am willing to teach you something, in such a short amount of time, will you be able to increase your strength and beat a nine-level martial artist?”

These words were like a bucket of cold water. Immediately extinguishing the eagerness in Du Wei’s heart, he suddenly calmed down. He had to admit that White River saying truth.

Is there any magical art which can make an ordinary person’s strength leap over so many levels and directly defeat a nine-level martial artist?

White River ignored the change in Du Wei’s expression. His face sank as he whispered, “Come here!”

Du Wei walked to White River’s side; White River took a deep breath and pointed at him: “Sit down!”

Du Wei was full of doubts. Since White River was not going to teach him any art (skill), then what are he going to do?

After he sat down with a blank expression on his face, White River suddenly stretched out his hand and Ripped Du Wei’s shirt. Although he was seriously injured, he had a lot of strength in his hands. After tearing off the clothes of White River’s upper body, he tore off his sleeve too.

Du Wei had a terrible look … Boss White River, he took off my clothes and then his own clothes … Damn, Did he want to try that kind of thing before he died?

White River’s face became more serious as he said: “Du Wei, listen well, although that brat Sebasta is annoying, his strength is not bad at all! Hum, at his age, he can never cultivate to this level. Presumably it is his old man who has used some special method to forcibly improve his (Sebasta) strength!”

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  1. He had to admit that White River … “was saying the truth” … or “was right”
    …. then what IS(not are) he going to do?

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