Law of the Devil Chapter 322 Part 2

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Du Wei spread his hands and smiled honestly: “Two Majesties don’t look at me. Honestly, that was my last trick. Now, there is no other way. I will delay him for a while, let’s also think about a solution carefully.”

After speaking, Du Wei strode to the entrance of the cave but before he left, he waved his sleeves and shot out seventeen or eight wind magic blades in one breath. He was worried that the Sebasta was also hiding in the cave, so he shot first.

But when he reached the mouth of the cave and looked out, Sebasta stood honestly more than ten meters away. Obviously, this young general suffered Du bitterness again and again. He already had a shadow in his heart and did not dare to push too much, but stood far away and did not dare to rush in.

“Young General, how are you? Nice to see you again!” Du Wei smiled slightly.

Sebasta’s eyes were filled with deep hatred: “I’m afraid you’re not happy seeing me!”

Du Wei smiled: “Why not happy? I’m so happy!”

After speaking, he waved his arms and took out a magic scroll. He held it in his hand and smiled: “Young General, you are right. In this cave, I really can’t fly away and I can’t even run. What a pity…”

Sebasta sneered and said: “What pity? Pity you are going to die here?”

“No …” Du Wei shook his head and said solemnly: “Unfortunately, although you are talking big, you really seem to be afraid of me. Therefore, although you have seen through my tricks, you did not dare to charge in immediately. You know that I am in the cave, but you dare not rushed in and stood outside. You see, the opportunity was missed. ”

After that, he threw the magic scroll to the ground!

With a bang, a magical flame flashed and a circular magic halo suddenly shot out …

“This is a high-level defence magic ‘Guardian Demon Enchantment’!” Du Wei continued with a smiled: “Young general, although the cave is not easy to escape … but you don’t understand the principle of “easy to defend and difficult to attack”. Just come and fight! I’m not afraid to tell you that even if your father came here, depending on his ability, he will not be able to break this advanced defence magic enchantment! As for you, hum, you slowly think of it! ”

After that, he stopped glancing at Sebasta who turned blue from anger and walked back into the cave.

Looking at the two top masters in the corner, Du Wei shook his head and smiled bitterly: “This enchantment will last for a maximum of one or two hours. When the sun sets, he will certainly enter inside. I can rush in. What should we do?”

In his heart he desperately summoned Semel: “I said great-grandmother, do you have any ideas?”

In his mind, Saimel’s voice said in unpleasant tone, “I told you to run away early but you don’t want to. What can I do now! I can’t beat him myself!”

Du Wei was helpless and couldn’t help thinking: If it was the true Saimel personality that was summoned, Sebasta would have to flee.

“Can you go out for help? Anyway, he won’t be able to detect you.”

“No, I can’t leave you too far. If I leave your body more than one kilometre away, I’m afraid I will not be able to sense your mental power and will disappear!”

After answering this sentence, there was no response at all.

In the darkness, White River suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were sad. Looking at Du Wei, he slowly spoke…

“Du Wei, have you used a Scimitar?”


T/L Note: My previous novel “World of Warcraft” has been completed so i can give more time to this novel. Moreover i will also increase release rate as much as possible. Thanks everyone for support. If anyone spot any mistake pls inform me by comment i will correct it.

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