Law of the Devil Chapter 322 Part 1

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The Pope said, “Duke of Tulip, Rock City is not far from here. In my opinion, we can travel northeast for one hour, we can reach the Locke small town. From there we can go to in the city. We will be safe there.”

Du Wei laughed, “Rock City? His Majesty, I dare not go to that place! I heard that Locke town is very religious! When you enter the city, you will give an order and call the holy knights. I’m afraid I’ll have to run again then. ”

The Pope smiled bitterly: “I will never do that.”

Du Wei also bluntly said: “Sorry, but I can’t believe you now.”

After a pause, he said: “Pope, I took you out of the woods. As for where you want to go from there, that’s your business. I don’t care! I don’t think I am too clever but I wouldn’t do something like throwing myself into the trap! As for His Majesty White River, I will personally take him away and I won’t go all the way with you! ”

The Pope carefully looked at Du Wei and whispered, “You … you really decided to do this? When Mr. White River comes back tomorrow, I’m afraid it will spell disaster for the empire! Will you not regret it? ”

White River suddenly said at this moment: “Pope, you can rest assured, I will never take the opportunity to attack! After all, although I hate you Roland people, but I, after all, am a human!”

The Pope was so happy: “You … do you really agree?”

White River looked cold: “I never say a lie.”

The Pope nodded: “Okay! His Majesty, I also promise that after going back, I will definitely not look after you!” He turned to look at Du Wei and said, “Duke of Tulip, about today’s matter I will never bother you afterwards. You don’t have to worry about my words. ”

The Pope smiled bitterly and continued: “The Roland Empire is facing a crisis that has not happened in a thousand years.”

When Du Wei heard this, his heart became more and more unease: “Your Majesty, you are saying about the north … Is it …”

At the end, Du Wei couldn’t help but have feel a chill in his heart … Is it really the Dragon…

He hadn’t finished asking and the Pope hadn’t spoken yet, but he suddenly heard a gruesome voice outside the cave!

“Duke of Tulips! Now you say again, whether you have fooled or me!”

That voice was with infinite hatred. Du Wei’s face changed immediately after listening it.


This iron-faced boy actually went and returned?!

Sebasta’s voice came word by word: “Duke of Tulips, you blew the horn. Why don’t you summon your Treant? If you can summon, I’m afraid when I first entered the forest, you would have summoned them! That magic can’t be used, right? Huh, you think you scared me away and you relaxed? I went out and overbred the situation from far away. Just as I expected, after you saw me gone, you went to look for two His Majesties! I didn’t expect that you actually hid the two His Majesties in this cave!”

With that said, Sebasta’s voice gradually softened: “But it doesn’t matter, now that you are all in this cave, where else can you go?”

Du Wei could not help but sigh and looked at White River and the Pope again. White River still looked indifferent but the pope frowned.

Du Wei spread his hands and smiled honestly: “Two Majesties don’t look at me. Honestly, that was my last trick. Now, there is no other way. I will delay him for a while, let’s also think about a solution carefully.”

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