Law of the Devil Chapter 321 Part 2

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He saw Du Wei yelling and then the sword actually shot through his body …

The long sword passed through his chest but it made Du Wei’s body twist a bit, but it didn’t leave a drop of blood. The “Du Wei” figure shook a few times before disappearing completely.

Sebasta heard Du Wei’s laughing voice: “Poor, poor… young general, how many losses have you eaten all the way. I know that you are a nine-level knight. I am a magician. Why would I come close to you? You see, you just got cheated by my illusion. Now it’s been a second time!”

This time, Sebasta was fooled again and also lost his sword. He stood there and stood still for a while before yelling.

Du Wei’s voice came from all directions: “Sebasta! Don’t be angry, you are unlucky to meet me. Come, come and start the real performance now. Look there are so many big trees around here, how lush they are! You cut wood very well. Well, Young General, do you want to show me the skill of ‘cutting-wood-with-bare-hands’? ”

Sebasta’s heart was also shocked. Looking at the woods in all directions, he couldn’t help but feel a chill in his heart and couldn’t help being annoyed. He bit his lips and said, “You … where have you taken the Pope and the Witch King!”

Du Wei sighed and laughed: “Rest assured, I will not wait here for you to kill them. I have hidden them for a long time. There are so many big trees in this wood. I just casted a magic spell and turn them into a big tree. As long as they are sitting still, they will be safe! ”

After that, he laughed aloud again: “Come here, I can’t wait anymore. Young General, quickly give me a good show of ‘cutting-wood-with-bare-hands’!”

After the words fell, he heard a sound of horns in the forest. When Sebasta heard the sound of the horns, his scalp suddenly became numb. Of course, he remembered that after Du Wei blew the horns before, he awakened those big trees!

He was hurt at the moment. He also lost his weapon. Facing hundreds of thousands of trees in the woods … was not something he could handle!

His expression changed several times. He finally roared loudly with infinite anger and unwillingness in his voice but finally made up his mind and escaped to the direction opposite of the source of sound.

He really made the final decision and did not dare to hesitate. At this moment, it is important to save his life. After all, he ran away helplessly.

After Sebasta left, a faint ripple appeared in the air from the large tree at the entrance of the cave and then Du Wei’s body slowly appeared.

He looked at the distance and then took a long breath. He was already sweating a lot! Don’t pay attention to what he said just now. Those words were just to annoy Sebasta…

“Fuck. I was actually forced to use the ‘empty city plan’… alas.” Du Wei laughed bitterly.

In fact, it was by no means easy. The Summoner Horn could not be used for the two times per day! If that Sebastian didn’t leave, Du Wei was really in big trouble!

As for White River and the Pope …

Du Wei sighed and glanced at the far away bear corpse on the ground. He smiled bitterly: “I’m sorry. But you saved use! No one can think that a living person was living in a hole with a bear. This is the blind spot of human psychology! ”

Then he turned around and went into the bear cave. Smell made Du Wei frown tightly. He walked inside and randomly took out a magic gem from his pocket. With light wave of his hand it released a ray of light.

He saw Pope and White River lying in the corner of the cave.

“My two majesties, I have to hide you in this stinking cave. I just couldn’t hide you elsewhere. That kid is muscular but his brain is not so good and was fooled by a few words. ”

White River opened his mouth sadly but finally didn’t speak and just smiled bitterly.

“Let’s get out of here now.” Du Wei hesitated for a moment and then said, “It’s just that I can’t send two of you back. We all have different positions. Speaking of which, you may not be my friends. ”

White River whispered, “Du Wei, I always repay any favour. You saved my life this time … Don’t worry, I won’t catch you again. That pet will be my gift to you. ”

As he said, he slowly shook his head, and his tone was full of desolute.

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