Law of the Devil Chapter 321 Part 1

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Then a dark, burly, huge black shadow rushed out, colliding with Sebasta. Faced with that strong smell of fishy smell, the first thought in experienced Sebasta’s mind was: this is an adult black bear!

But then, the second thought was: Did they hide the bear in the bear hole?

The third thought: … fooled!

The distance was too close and Sebasta temporarily lost his vigilance because of temptation of Beauty of the Moon. Seeing the human rushing into its cave, the huge adult black bear rushed over! The huge adult bear’s paw stuck.

The distance was too close so Sebasta failed to escape. Huge bear’s paw hit his chest. His body was sent flying out of the cave like a kite with a broken thread. He slammed heavily on the ground and before he could get up, knight armour on his chest had been smashed by the palm of this giant bear. His ribs were sore and he didn’t know how many were broken!

The black bear seemed to be mad, and rushed out of the cave, with a gust of wind, and rushed to the ground of Sebasta again!

At the moment, although Sebasta was injured, how would a ninth-level knight be afraid of a bear? He got up and jumped up from the ground. At this moment, he was furious and didn’t care about pain in his chest. He went to face the black bear. Bear viciously attacked with its claw. In the air, Sebasta’s body twisted and his sword edge was inserted into the black bear’s brain. Then the skull of the black bear suddenly exploded into a mass of blood mist and that blood mist was instantly frozen into ice!

The body of the black bear ran for a few steps before it crashed.

Sebasta also fell to the ground. Because of body movement, his wounds were pulled, causing a lot of pain. His heart was full of anger. He was a young general of the Northwest Army. He even fought Golden Dragon Warriors. Today, he was actually wounded by a beast. It’s a shame to say it out!

He was furious in his heart but Du Wei’s laughter made him vomit blood.

“You … aren’t you in the cave!” As soon as Sebasta’s words came out, he said angrily, “Okay! You’re playing tricks again!”

Du Wei reluctantly smiled and shook his head, “I respect the major general, the lovely major general, the poor major general … I really sympathize with you. Don’t you know … illusion magic also exit? I set up an illusion in that cave. I was crouching on this tree to watch a play. Iwatched you enter the cave … hahahaha, it’s a really funny.”

Sebasta felt his throat sweet and almost spit out blood. Staring at Du Wei hardly, he barely suppressed the desire to spit blood in his heart and gritted his teeth, “It’s just a trick of a worm! Du Wei, you just rely on playing with these little clever things! What do you deserve to be proud of?”

He erected his fingers and said one by one: “First, I must be able to lay out fake footprints on the ground, so that I can convince you that we have really hidden in the cave. Second, I must be good at using magic. In order to lay out the illusion that deceives you in the cave. Third, I still have to guess what was most enthusiastic to your mind. I guessed right it was Beauty of the Moon. Playing petty tricks also require wisdom which you don’t have! Hehe…”

Sebasta felt dark before his eyes and finally couldn’t hold down the anger in his heart. He opened his mouth with a “wow” and finally spit out his blood.

He didn’t vomit blood because of the injury but because of Du Wei’s damn words!

Du Wei watched Sebasta vomit blood and clapped hard deliberately. He also added: “Pretty and beautiful! Young General, your vomiting posture is really pretty! You should vomit more. Hehe… ”

Sebasta’s sword suddenly shot at Du Wei. The blade was light-like; it reached Du Wei in an instant! How powerful was a nine-level knight? They were only a dozen meters away, how could Du Wei avoid it?

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