Law of the Devil Chapter 320 Part 2

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Du Wei laughed in the sky: “My little general, I think you are a fool! Dude, I am a magician! Have you ever heard of a magician who takes the initiative to fight with the Martial Arts Master in close quarters? That’s not courage. It’s stupidity!

At the moment, Sebastian grew truly annoyed thought for the first time. His father had so many magical long range attacking skills, but his father only taught him his Frost Magic and said that it was most powerful Art so he had not learned many long range attacks!

Otherwise, Du Wei would not be able to flee again and again.

The wolf group finally entered the woods. Du Wei looked at the forest and felt relieved. In an instant, he turned around in the air while flying toward the forest and said with laughter: “O Young General, if you are not convinced, come in and look for me!”

Sebastian ran to the edge of the forest, but he stopped suddenly.

Looking at the lush forest in front of him, he could not help but feel uneasy. Just some time ago, the Duke summoned Treants to fight him but then there were only some trees around; but now, a large lush forest was ahead!

With the level of Sebasta’s cultivation, fighting dozens of Treants was not a problem but if he encountered thousands of Treants, he would not be able to fight all of them.

How many trees were there in this large forest in front of him?

Sebasta was actually scared of Du Wei’s strange skill. He did not know that Du Wei could only use Horn of Life once a day. Du Wei had already used it once so he could not use it anymore.

He looked at the large forest in front of him. He couldn’t help but hesitate for a while. Finally, he made up his mind. He still had to kill White River and the Pope. They couldn’t be left alive.

He entered the woods while holding sword tightly in his hand. He didn’t dare to relax at the moment. Even after a while, there was still no movement.

Sebastian was a Young General of the Northwest Army. He usually hunted on weekends and was good at it. Although Du Wei and others had already stepped in the woods and at this moment, they might have already hid somewhere, yet Sebastian was also good at tracking the traces of his prey, therefore, with so many wolves running through the forest, they must had left a lot of footprints behind.

He traced the footprints all the way and gradually proceeded into the woods. After walking for a while, he suddenly heard sound of footsteps and saw a huge cave. This cave was dark and a strange scent was coming from inside it.

Sebastian, who was used to hunting immediately recognized the smell, this was a bear cave. Looking at the footprints on the ground, he entered the cave.

“Hey! Hiding in the cave! You think that I won’t be able to find you.” Sebasta sneered. He was one of the best at hunting in the Northwest Army!

Du Wei, even if you could fly to heaven, this general will catch you. Hiding in the cave, you are seeking death! There is no place for you to run in the cave! The space in the cave is small and it is the best place for melee battle! See how you die when I arrive!

He jumped into the mouth of the cave with one jump. Looking in, he suddenly saw faint silver glow in the cave. Look carefully again, Du Wei was sitting on the ground and his face seemed to be looking at him with fear. In Du Wei’s hand was the “Beauty under the moon”!!!

Sebastian was in a state of ecstasy and agitation. He was relaxed his vigilance. His heart was pounding hard. He rushed in and shouted “It’s time for your…”

However, before he could utter word “death”, he suddenly heard a roar of angry beasts in the cave!


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