Law of the Devil Chapter 320 Part 1

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Du Wei’s shooting abilities were not as good as he thought they would be.

Even if the uniquely shaped magician’s bow was really powerful, however since it’s not completely mastered by Du Wei yet, the arrows shot out with it could only demonstrate a small part of its true power.

Moreover Du Wei had never known anything about archery before. He was only able to “shoot” by using wind magic and other skills as a Magician. The most important aspect of archery was, of course, locking to a  target and Du Wei easily handled that part by using his Eagle Eye skill.

Du Wei had tested it himself and found a weakness of this skill and that was if one shot a fixed target then it rarely missed.

However, … If the target was moving fast, it would be very difficult for Du Wei to shoot.

However if target moving at high speed was locked with Eagle Eye Skill, it could still be shot. But why would your enemy give you time to aim slowly and calmly? Opportunity was fleeting! So mastery of archery required years of hard work. It couldn’t be mastered in a short time.

It was ten times as difficult to shoot a moving target than a fixed one! That’s the truth!

Although the power of this arrow terrified Sebastian, yet Du Wei himself was not satisfied with it. Du Wei always reminiscent of the scene he witnessed involving Young General Sebastian in Fort Watt that day. The fight between Prince of the Dragon race, the Golden Dragon Warrior and Sebastian really amazed him! The Golden Dragon Warrior hit Young General hard in a flurry but no harm could be done to this Young General. Although his strength was only of Level Nine, his “immortal body” was really abnormal.

Du Wei didn’t plan to kill this Young General with this Imprisonment arrow just because he was worried. His Imprisonment arrow was powerful. But was it more powerful then Golden Dragon warrior’s strike? Even the strike of the Golden Dragon Warrior couldn’t kill this guy so it was even more impossible for this arrow.

But Du Wei didn’t know that Sebastian had a mysterious secret skill. After it was used, it leaves severe after-effects. At this moment, Sebasta was alone so he could not use that secret skill easily.

Then Du Wei fired three more arrows in a row. The accuracy of these three arrows was even worse. The first two arrows could hardly be regarded as shooting near Sebastian’s body. It gave Sebastian a sense of caution. But the last arrow had a big misdirection. It’s almost another seven or eight meters away from Sebasta.

Fortunately that was enough to create distance between the pack of wolves and Sebastian. After all he had to slow down to dodge the arrows and maintain a safe distance.

When Du Wei saw that he had accomplished his objective, he smiled and said: “Oh Young General. It seems that my arrow still can’t shoot you. After I return, I must practice hard. If I have the chance later, I will come and seek for advice!”

Then he laughed and suddenly his sleeves fluttered. After a moment, two Wind Blades ejected out of his sleeves. Sebastian had no choice but to turn back in the air and block these two wind blades. He shouted: “Duke! You can only hide in the distance and attack. If you have the ability, then come down and compete with me!”

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