Law of the Devil Chapter 319 Part 2

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Du Wei smiled: “I heard that young general is very skilled in martial arts. You are ranked first in the Northwest Army except Marshal Lu Gao (Sebastian’s father). You are remarkable at horse riding and archery.”

In fact, Du Wei’s words contained no falsehood. This guy had strength of Level Nine Knight. Among the North-western Army, he was afraid that apart from Sebastian’s own father, no one was better than him. There was nothing wrong with this.

“Hey!” Sebastian did not reply. With a heavy hum, he covered the distance of more than 100 meters. Then he suddenly raised his hand and sword in his hand made a beautiful arc in the air. At the end of the wolf pack, the two wolves were suddenly yelped and their bodies split into two!

Fortunately, this wolf pack was summoned by Du Wei with Druid Technique. If it was an ordinary wolf pack, whole pack would had panicked and descended into chaos. Yet, Sebastian did not feel disappointed by these turn of events.

Du Wei smiled and said: “The young general, do you have any interest in having a bet with me? When I was in the Northwest Army, I was ‘hunting’ in the woods, I saw you nocked an arrow on a bow and shot a ‘prey’. Your archery is really extraordinary. Today, I really want to give and take some pointers.”

Sebastian couldn’t help but to feel a chill creeping in his heart! He had long heard that the Duke of tulip had extremely terrifying archery skills. This legend had spread in the northwest!

His heart sank at the thought. Looking up, he saw that Du Wei was flying in the sky with a long bow and arrow with a peculiar shape. The long bow was like a curved moon but ends of the bow were extending out like knifes with some strange marks on it!

That uniquely shaped bow was in Du Wei’s hand.

Du Wei smiled and then gently pulled the bowstring with his arm; the arrow was pointing at the Sebastian below: “Young general. You and I will shoot an arrow on each other. What do you think?”

Sebasta became nervous seeing that strongly shaped bow in the Du Wei’s hands as well as his confidence. Finally Sebastian made up his mind to ensure a safe distance. With a scream, Sebasta’s speed increased by three points.

Du Wei took a deep breath and then gently flicked his fingers. The bowstring oscillated. With a piercing sound, arrow nocked on the bow released!!

Although Sebastian was in middle of a run, he was on alert. Suddenly, he felt that a something approaching him with terrifying speed. He was shocked! How could an arrow have this kind of speed!!

But, after all, he was Level Nine Knight. In the moment of danger, his instincts were definitely kicking in. Du Wei’s arrow almost reached his body, but suddenly his body bent at strange angle like his waist suddenly snapped. The whole body folded in an unthinkable manner like a cloth doll.

Du Wei’s shot had missed.

Sebastian heard a load ‘bang’. As he looked behind, he saw that on ground behind him, there was a large crater with a radius of more than two meters and stone debris were flying everywhere. Obviously power behind the arrow was terrifying.

The power of Du Wei’s arrow can actually reach such level!! If Du Wei shoots a few more arrows, I am afraid that I may not be able to dodge them all. Sebastian couldn’t help but to feel anxious. He calmed himself down and sorted out his thoughts.

Although Du Wei’s arrow was very powerful, his shooting skills were not that impressive.

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