Law of the Devil Chapter 319 Part 1

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T/L Note: Guys, I am back! My exams are finally over! There will be 1 chapter per day for at least one month.

Sebastian said with a laugh: “Duke of Tulip, is this your life saving skill?”

He hasn’t finish laughing, when he saw a huge black shadow charging towards him. Sebasta reacted quickly and quickly retreated back, but a Treant appeared behind and smacked him with huge rock.

Sebasta was furious for being sneak-attacked. His sword shook and with a piecing sound, it cleaved the Treant’s body into two!

Several other Treants surrounded Sebastian and their huge trunks smashed down violently. Although Sebastian was not afraid of these things, he had to be careful while dealing with these guys. Otherwise, it’s not fun to be hit twice by such a huge guy.

Sebastian’s body was extremely sturdy and had strong self-healing abilities. Moreover, he also had magical ability which could heal wounds rapidly while also granting physical boost but this unique skill could not be easily employed. Once it was used, it would leave severe after-effects. Only his father, Chishui Duan, could help him in negating it with mysterious magic. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.

He was currently not with his father now so he couldn’t use that magic.

Sebastian was really worthy of being Ninth level knight. He had a strong frost fighting spirit. A dozen of Treants were chopped into pieces by him in an instant.

But when he turned to look for Du Wei, he found that Du Wei and others were long gone again! From afar, he heard a burst of laughter!

It didn’t matter how much self-control Sebastian had, hearing that laughter he was burning in rage!

At the other end of the forest, Du Wei was escaping! On the ground, more than a dozen strong wolves were running with their full strength. White River and the Pope were riding two strongest male wolves running in front of the pack. Du Wei, however, was flying leisurely in the sky using wind control magic.

“Dear little general, you are really good at cutting wood (Treants). If you are not a general in the future, you may as well become a woodcutter, and you will not die of hunger.” Du Wei turned his head around and deliberately said with a load laugh.

Sebastian face was livid and his body was shaking because of anger. He could not control himself from shouting: “Du Wei! Even if I have to chase you to the ends of the earth, I will not let you off!”

After that, he continued to pursue Du Wei.

Although the wolves were running fast, but after all, their speed was limited by their physique which was far weaker than the horse. They could not keep running for long time.

Sebastian continued to pursue them without resting. He was determined to kill them: In any case, these people could not be allowed to return alive!

Du Wei flew in the sky and looked at Sebastian, then he laughed.

Fortunately, I have a horn of life with me and I have learned the Druid’s Nature technique.

Looking far away, he saw a mountain in the distance. The mountain had a large forest. Du Wei couldn’t help but laugh.

He whistled and directed the wolves on the ground to run toward the distant mountain…

On the ground, Sebastian was still chasing them with full strength. Although he was wearing armour, his running speed was no less than that of a horse! Du Wei was feeling very anxious now.

Seeing the boy chasing faster and faster, Du Wei calculated the distance between the distant woods. He was afraid that Sebasta would catch up with the wolves before they could enter the woods. He couldn’t help but feel anxious. He turned his head and shouted to Sebasta, “Little general. I’ll make a bet with you. Do you dare? ”

While chasing, Sebasta didn’t want to talk with Du Wei. But when he heard Du Wei, he wanted to know what kind of trick the Duke was up to. He snorted and said coldly: “Duke, what else do you want!”

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  1. again “loUd laugh”, not “load”
    Sebastian’s face(with an ” ‘s “) … shaking of anger(without because, it sounds better?)
    far weaker than that of a horse (regarding the wolves’ physique)
    keep running for A long time

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