Law of the Devil Chapter 318 Part 2

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Looking at the horizon behind him, he saw a black spot becoming larger as time passed in the sky. No doubt that that black spot in the sky was Sebasta who was arriving very fast.

When Du Wei was thinking hard to himself, Samuel said to him in dissatisfied tone: “What are you hesitating about? These two guys are neither your fathers nor your sons. What are you hesitating about? Let’s go!”

Du Wei did not answer; the White River on the ground also sat up and sighed: “little Du Wei, you go!”

Du Wei was finding it really hard to make decision. It’s absolutely not a problem to escape alone. That Sebasta was not a magician. He could not fly too far and fast. If he used magic to fly, he would be safe.

But… leaving White River? To let this lonely but powerful man die in the hands of such a despicable guy as Sebasta, he really couldn’t bear to let such a person suffer such a fate!

“Damn it, just once!”

Behind him, the Sebasta was only few kilometres away. An ordinary people have to run for a while to cover this distance, but for a level 9 knight, it would take just a moment!

Du Wei took a deep breath and then looked at the distance; he found a small forest some distance away. His eyes brighten up. He hurried over and picked up both men and then rushed to the forest.

Above northwest wilderness, the trees grew very poorly. This forest was sparsely populated with only a dozen trees and they all were malnourished. The trunk, and the leaves were yellow and half dead.

Fortunately, Du Wei had been practicing hard for two years, and the basic movements of the Star Fighting Spirit (T/L: Not sure about that name) had made his body a lot stronger. He also used agility techniques and dragged both men all the way past towards the forest.

But behind him, Sebasta was also catching up!

The distance was getting closer and closer, even the voice of Sebasta was clearly audible!

“Duke of Tulips! You have nowhere to run! You will definitely die! In this place, who can save you?!”

After he finished saying, he jumped up and leaped into the air like a kangaroo. Now, he was just a hundred steps away from Du Wei!

Du Wei had already rushed to the edge of the forest. He finally sighed and leaned down to the ground. He refused to reply to that guy and he gasped a few times, then he took out a golden coloured Horn.

He turned around and looked at Sebasta: “You little son of bitch, no one is here to save me? Let me tell you, this Duke is very lucky. You wish to kill me, it is impossible!”

After he finished saying that, he blew the horn…

The whining sound of horn immediately awakened the trees in the woods. With a silent groaning noise, the trees swayed and the roots came out of the soil, shaking off the dust and dead leaves as if they were humans.

Du Wei raised the horn high, then pointed to Sebasta and shouted: “Go! Kill this little bastard!”

More than a dozen Treants became alive, immediately twisted their bulky body and surrounded rushed toward Sebasta.

Sebasta was stunned at first. He had never seen this kind of strange “magic”, but he soon recovered his mental state. He immediately noticed that these Treants, except for their large and strong bodies, had nothing to worry about.

If people encountered dozen such of such monsters, they might be shocked, but if they were strong enough, they could turn them into a pile of smashed wood.

Sebasta said with laughter: “Duke of Tulips, is this your life-saving trick…”


T/L Note: Hello guys, there will be no chapters for 2 week because of my exams. Please bear with it. Don’t worry I will make up to you once my exams are over.

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  1. Thanks for your efforts. You are good men. This novel deserves to be translated. I hope you continue to translate this novel. This novel is really really good.

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