Law of the Devil Chapter 318 Part 1

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Here is the 2nd chapter of the weak.

I am going to use names used by previous translator as much as possible but if you spot some difference/mistake. Please inform me by commenting.

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After the dust dispersed, Du Wei was covered with the dust because of the unexpected crash landing. Actually he did not fall on the ground; he could feel himself being pulled up as if someone had held him softly before landing.

But White River and the Pope… were not so lucky. One of these two was the King of the Snow Mountain, the Shaman Kings, while other was the Temple Pope. They were one of the most powerful people on the mainland, but they had almost smashed their heads. The old bones of the Pope almost fell apart. White River’s white clothes were ruined and full of dust.

Du Wei knew that Samuel had helped him at the last moment, he could not help but to lament: “Samuel, since you helped me, why didn’t you help them too?”

Samuel’s voice immediately resounded in the mind: “Hey! What do I have to do with their lives? As long as you don’t die, everything is fine. I don’t know why but I can’t stand it when I look at The Pope. I just hate him.”

Just after this “short-lived” flight, they crashed to the ground. Du Wei knew that Sebasta would absolutely not give up, he was afraid that he would pursue them.

“Samuel, I remember your strength was very strong. When you were in the frozen forest, you even dared to fight Hussein and almost defeated him. How can you not deal with that boy today?”

Samuel kept quiet for a while before replying: “I have said earlier, I didn’t remember anything about that time. I know how powerful I am. I feel that my strength has increased recently. But when dealing with a level 9 knight, you’re asking too much of me! ”

Du Wei froze for a moment and then lamented his bad luck.

Indeed… Samuel, to some extent, was really fierce! Very strong!

However, it was necessary to recognise the current situation.

Basically, Samuel’s personality was spit into two different identities. Meaning, she had a split personality disorder.

Sometimes, she appeared as magical creature, like today. In this personality, she liked to run around in front of Du Wei with bare legs. Moreover her strength was also not that powerful. But if the real Samuel came out, then she would have a powerful mana!

And so Du Wei probably had bad luck today, because the magical creature version appeared instead of the real powerful Samuel.

Du Wei opened his mouth: “So if the iron-faced boy catches up, you probably can’t stop him, right?! What am I doing here? Escape!”

He turned his head and looked at the ground, but he could not help but cry out loud! The Flying Broom, at the time of landing, snapped into two pieces and could not fly anymore!

At this moment, Du Wei had an awful expression.

Originally he thought about counting on Samuel, but it was a pity that real Samuel did not appear this time. Did these two split personalities have begun to take turns on duty? It’s just that he was not lucky today; that Samuel appeared in her magical creature personality…

The Flying Broom was busted. Du Wei had brought only one with him. A Flying Broom was a rare thing, he only bought it for fun.

How can I escape now?

Flying by myself? He could control the wind and fly by himself. Moreover, with his strength, it’s not a problem to fly by himself but to bring two men along with him… NOT possible.

‘Hateful… my Flying Dragon Warship, which has not been completed yet, can’t be used now… Otherwise, I would have fled away.’

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  1. I’ll try to correct typos if I find any.
    Like “2nd chapter of the weEk”, not weak
    “Samuel’s personality was spLit”, not spit
    “Did these two split personalities have begun to take turns on duty” – the tense here is wrong – “did this have begun” … you can’t say that, it should be “Did … this … begin to …” or “Has …. this … begun to …”

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