Law of the Devil Chapter 317 Part 2

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Their huge palms slammed towards Sebasta’s head. Sebasta had no time to think. He snorted and golden light flashed in his eyes. All of a sudden, his body once again twisted at strange angle, enabling him to escape the giant hand of the earth element. Then he waved his sword and struck the body of the earth element giant. The earth element giant froze into a huge ice block in an instant and after that huge cracks appeared on it. At last it broke apart.

Sebastian’s long sword released a powerful aura, the scope of Frost Fighting Spirit covered almost an area of seven or eight meters around him! The remaining two earth element giants suddenly began to move slowly, and the joints of their arms, legs and feet began to freeze. Sebasta swept his sword a few times. The two earth elements giants were cleaved into halves immediately by him!!

After he had solved the trouble, he turned around and looked at scene with great surprise!

He saw Du Wei running to White River then he picked up White River before fleeing.

White River was worried about his injuries. When Du Wei picked him up, he felt his skin hurt like hell! He could not help shivering. White River pointed at Pope before suddenly saying: “Take the Pope together!”

Du Wei was stunned for a moment and thought to himself ‘When did Mr. White become so kind?’

White River shook his head and gave a deep stare to the Pope: “Fast! Don’t talk nonsense!”

Pope immediately replied, “Duke of Tulip, take me away. We will turn from enemies to friends in the future.”

Du Wei smiled and thought to himself ‘I can’t believe what you old guy said’ but there’s no time to talk at that time. Du Wei quickly took out a thing from the storage ring.

It’s a Flying Broom!

He immediately straddled up, grabbed White River in one hand and said in a loud voice, “Mr. White I have to control this thing. I can only grasp you in one hand. Please take the Pope!”

With that, he pushed hard on the ground, the Magic got injected into the flying broom and it began to fly away!

Sebasta saw Du Wei sitting on the broom, already flying up to the sky! He rode on the broom while holding the handle of the broom with one hand and grasping White River with other one. White River was caught by Du Wei while White River grasped the pope with his free hand. From a distance, it looked like a chain.

Sebasta watched the three fleeing away with anger in his eyes. How could he give up?

Today he killed Three Holy Knights and completely dropped his facade! If he let the three people escape, then afterwards… Du Wei would not be able to do much, but the revenge of the Pope and White River was completely different story! In any case, he must kill them!

After thinking to this point, Sebasta screamed and flew in the direction Du Wei escaped to.

Du Wei was also not faring better.

The Flying broom was originally designed to carry single person, it could not bear the weight of three persons!

This time, it was a serious “overload”.

At the beginning, Broom began to shake. After making an arc in the air, then it began to fall.

After all, Du Wei rarely rides this Flying Broom. If he was replaced with any other member of highly trained “Decepticons” squad, even if he was forced to land, he would never fall like Du Wei.

With a load ‘thud’ Du Wei and others crashed to the ground.

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  1. Thank you for picking up this story as its my favourite and somehow every translator uptill now keep dumping it

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