Law of the Devil Chapter 317 Part 1

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In Du Wei’s past life, there was a classic saying: ‘A woman, no matter of what age she is, be it 18 years old or 80 years old, is always afraid of being called old.’

Therefore, after the emergence of Samuel, Du Wei immediately changed his tone and smiled: “I just want to express my respect.”

Samuel was a magical creature that is sustained by Du Wei’s spirit. With the current strength of Sebasta, he can’t see nor hear her voice at all.

When Sebasta watched Du Wei standing still and talking to himself, he could not help but be a little surprised. His expression changed several times. It seemed that cunning Duke of Tulips was trying to deceive him, but Sebasta had feeling that something was amiss!

Let’s first kill him and end future troubles!

After making decision, Sebasta grinned and said: “Duke of Tulip, you are going to die!”

The blade of the long sword surged with hissing sound! Sebasta was strong in Martial Arts. At such close quarters, Du Wei who was not good at Martial Arts, was definitely in a tough situation. Seeing that long sword had arrived in front of him, Du Wei’s heart was pounding like a drum but he did not try anything to resist the attack. He believed that Samuel would never let him die.

Sure enough, when the long sword arrived at a distance of less than half a meter away from Du Wei’s body, it suddenly slowed down and finally halted. Sebasta felt that sword was stuck in the puddle of mud. It seemed that there were countless invisible ropes in the air stopping sword from advancing.

He was shocked. The strength of the 9th-level knight was not to be underestimated.

Before Sebasta could recover from his shock, Du Wei took this chance to escape this place.

“You want to escape?!” Sebastian’s blade shook like a viper. Du Wei was in cold sweat. He did not have chance to cast spells because of the close distance.

He didn’t have the ability of cast real instantaneous-cast magic. To cast magic, he must have time to cast the spells and sense the fluctuation of magic elements. But Sebastian’s sword seemed to have its own will. As soon as he opened his mouth to cast spell, a strong gush of wind created by Sebasta’s sword interrupt him.

Sebastian was about to catch up with Du Wei. But as he was about to kill him in one sword stroke, he felt something wrong and turned alert!

Sebastian could feel presence of something on his shoulder. He was a clever man and immediately understood that someone’s hand was on his shoulder. At this point, his half body suddenly felt a wave of magic. His brain grew dizzy and he knew that he was under the effect of magic.

Sebastian was aghast. Who casted the magic?

At the moment, Du Wei was trying to escape. Besides Du Wei, was it… the Pope or was it White River? Had they recovered from their injuries?

He immediately became desperate. If any of the two recovered their strength, as long as they regain even half of their full strength, he would be in big trouble.

Sebasta’s mind was in chaos but he forced himself to calm down and suddenly turned around in the same place. His waist twisted at an incredible angle. His entire body exuded splendid silver light and destroyed the magic’s effect.

But when his eyes looked behind, there was nobody. The Pope and White River were sitting very far away.

Samuel’s sneak attack had already succeeded. At first Sebasta slowed down but he recovered soon and released incredible aura. Although she did not have the actual flesh, she still felt the danger from the aura. She couldn’t help but drift away immediately, she pointed her fingers and chanted a spell.

Suddenly cracks began to appear on the ground, with load roars, some earth element giants with their whole body made of rocks emerged and rushed towards Sebasta.

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