Law of the Devil Chapter 316 Part 2

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Hello guys, i have picked this novel. I am going to release 2 chapters/weak for now because i am also translating other novel (World Of Warcraft) which is going to be finished soon. Once it is finished, i will increase release rate of LOD.

I am going to use names used by previous ranslator as much as possible but if you spot some difference/mistake. Please inform me by commenting.

For every 5 positive reviews/votes left on NovelUpdate, I will release 1 Bonus Chapter.

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White River sneered: “Look at the Pope’s face.”

The Pope smiled lightly as he remained silent.

Du Wei was furious in his heart. He had urge to kill this bastard…

Yet, Du Wei calmed himself down and thought it through, for now he had just offended the Pope. However, if he really killed him, the Church would pursue him like hounds.

White River sighed: “Let’s go, Du Wei.”

Du Wei went up and said: “I will take you away Mr. White.”

White River was stunned but he soon recovered and said: “I am afraid that the enemy is not an ordinary knight. It must be a master among the holy knights. If you escape by yourself, they may not chase you. If you bring me together, then they will definitely chase after you!”

Du Wei said with a smile: “You are still concerned about me!”

The three knights came from far away. They stopped in front of Pope. Suddenly joy appeared on the Knights’ face, they came down from the horses and immediately sat on one knee: “Your Majesty!!”

Their voice was very excited: “I finally found you!”

The Pope coughed twice and was about to talk. The fourth knight behind them jumped down from his horse.

This man had a dark horse, wearing a black armour. Du Wei looked at him calmly but his heart was in turmoil!

The long hair, a cold and expressionless face with a strange smile on the corner of his mouth, his eyes sweeping around himself and White River’s body.

It was the Iron Face General, Sebasta!!!

He smiled and said: “The Pope, you are here.”

As he said, he took two steps ahead. When Pope saw him, he became slightly alert. Sebasta’s smile was becoming more and more strange.

“Well, Your Majesty, it seems that you are very heavily injured.” Sebasta suddenly sighed: “Snowy mountain’s Shaman King is really powerful, even you failed to kill him.”

After he finished, he unsheathed a long sword and slowly took two steps forward. He stared at Shaman King and said softly: “Shaman King, I am afraid that you wouldn’t expect to be killed by me.”

Sebasta smiled slightly, but the murderousness in his eyes became more and more intense. He took two more steps forward. Suddenly the sword trembled and the sword edge stabbed like a viper!

The sword of Sebasta was like a viper, attacking from an unimaginable angle!

Du Wei was shocked! The Pope seems to be stunned!

It was because the sword of Sebasta did not pierce White River, it twisted at a strange angle and pierced the chest of the level eight holy knight besides White River!

The poor level eight holy knight, he did not even have time to react before he died! The body of level-eight Holy knight fell on the ground and became a headless corpse!

Two other low-level Holy knights pulled out their sword. The eyes turned bloodshot, they roared and rushed to Sebasta.

Unfortunately, Sebasta did not put them into his eyes. He killed the most powerful eight-level knight. You must know, Sebasta’s strength had almost reached ninth level!

His sword made a fascinating curve in the air and quickly harvested the lives of the two! The two knights were unwilling to die.

Sebasta gently lifted his sword and wiped the blood on it, then shealthed it back into the scabbard and then arrived at the Pope and White River.

The anger on the face of the Pope had disappeared; he stared at Sebasta and suddenly sighed: “I am wrong, I am wrong….”

Sebasta sighed and looked at Du Wei: “Duke, I have to kill you to keep this matter a secret!”

Du Wei’s expression was weird. He looked at Sebasta who was exuding murderous aura without any fear. He just sighed: “My young general, you really surprised me…”

Not waiting for Sebasta to speak, Du Wei suddenly put a trumpet in front of his mouth and screamed while looking up at the sky.

“Zeng Zeng Grandmother, someone wants to kill me! If I am dead, you will die too! Help me!~~~”

As soon as the voice fell, Du Wei heard a sigh of sorrow.

“It’s like the second time I’ve heard you cry for help. As a descendant of the Luolin family, when in danger, call for help! How can you be so impotent! “After a pause, the delicate voice said in dissatisfied tone: “Can you not call me ‘Zeng Zeng’. Well, am I very old?”

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    1. for now i will release 2-3 chapters per weak but once my other novel (world of warcraft) is completed. It will be completed by next month. i will release 5-7 chapters per week then. Of course, you can leave review/vote on novelupdate to get Bonus Chapters.

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