Law of the Devil Chapter 316 Part 1

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Hello guys, i have picked this novel. I am going to release 2 chapters/weak for now because i am also translating other novel (World Of Warcraft) which is going to be finished soon. Once it is finished, i will increase release rate of LOD.

I am going to use names used by previous ranslator as much as possible but if you spot some difference/mistake. Please inform me by commenting.

For every 5 positive reviews/votes left on NovelUpdate, I will release 1 Bonus Chapter.

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The Pope also gasped for a moment: “Doesn’t matter what method I use, for the continent, I have to get rid of potential threat like you. Dear goddess, your servant is left with no choices!”

At this moment, Continents’ two most powerful persons were fighting like dogs and cats. Du Wei couldn’t take it anymore, he went up and grabbed the Pope’s wrist gently, then took Cross. If the Pope still had even half of his power at this moment, how could Du Wei behave so rudely? But now he was helpless. After Du Wei shook him off, he sat down on the ground.

Du Wei glanced at the cross and frowned. “This is not a particularly powerful weapon, however it’s just simply blessed.”

White River sorrowfully put on a weak smile and replied to Du Wei. “Stupid boy, have you forgotten my current situation? I am not afraid of any spells, but this pure holy force breaks down my seizing magic. Once this thing is stabbed into my heart, I have to leave the body. I am still a thousand miles away from my Snow Mountains, without a body how can I… cough cough…”

He coughed again and again and couldn’t complete his sentence.

Du Wei sighed: “Mr. White, since this thing can kill you, then it is your Achilles’ heel, why are you moving around?”

White River sighed and said proudly: “Hey! If I am not injured this badly, how can someone pierce me with this thing? I will just kill him first. In addition to Pope and Lan Haiyue, nobody else knows of my weakness!”

The Pope smiled bitterly and then he looked deeply at Du Wei: “Duke of Tulips, do you have to protect his life? Once this person returns, he will fight you in the future and can you resist him then? You still don’t know…now the north…”

Du Wei thought in his heart, ‘This Pope kept saying that the north is…’

Suddenly he thought of the dragons up there. Does the Pope know of something?

The Dragon was the first barrier to protect the human world. The Pope was so worried, unless the dragon was…

However, just as Du Wei thought up to this point, he dismissed this thought. The old dragon was the most powerful creature. Du Wei does not believe that in this world, there was someone stronger than the old dragon!

But this earthquake…

Killing White River?

If the Pope was right, he really should do this and such a choice could be considered “reasonable.” However, Du Wei still had some emotions in his heart. He knew all the things done by White River these days. Du Wei respected this peerless power. Although he was an enemy, Du Wei’s heart refused to do kill him in such a method.

“Shaman King…” Du Wei sighed and thought to himself: “In any case, with such injuries that he has sustained, he will not be able to enter the Roland continent within next ten years.”

The Pope immediately said: “The Duke of Tulips…”

Du Wei became angry. He couldn’t help but shout: “Don’t mention it again! I won’t kill him.”

The Pope smiled and said softly: “Then… you kill me.”

Kill the Pope? This matter was a bit too big.

The Pope continued: “I am hurt too much. I am afraid that if he will recovers earlier than I do. Even if you don’t kill me, he will kill me. Besides that… Duke of Tulips, if you don’t kill me, are you not afraid that I will pursue the matter in regards to today?”

Du Wei stared back at old man’s eyes: “You… you are not confused? You are obviously forcing me to kill you!”

White River sneered: “Du Wei, don’t listen to him, you can’t kill him. If you kill him, it will lead to a big disaster! I heard that there is another kind of magic in the temple, once a high-ranking personnel dies, the situation before his death will be recorded! The temple will know everything that happened here!”

The Pope laughed and looked at White River: “I am still thinking about how to convince the Duke, but you have said it yourself. I want you to say it! Otherwise if I speak it myself, I am afraid that Young Duke will not believe me!”

Soon, the sound of the hooves of horses was heard from outside. After listening to it White River was frowning while the Pope was smiling.

White River suddenly said: “Hey. Kid. Go away from here, I am afraid that holy knights are coming!”

Du Wei asked: “How do you know that?”

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